Cormier: Aside from Cain, Jones is the best


Daniel Cormier is set to make his UFC debut this weekend against former Champion Frank Mir. Although winner of the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grandprix, Cormier has expressed interest in moving to the lightheavyweight division and perhaps a shot at the man he considers the best in MMA today:

According to Cormier, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones is the king of kings when it comes to MMA:

"I think really Cain, but just so it's not like I'm picking my teammate, I think the best guy right now honestly is Jon Jones. He's the best right now, and he's gotten better because he's learned to fight with his length. Complement that with his cardio and physical gifts, and he's the best guy."

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eljamaiquino site profile image  

4/18/13 4:08 PM by eljamaiquino

He turned his back and ran from Rampage. He's not setting up combos. He keeps at the range where he can touch his opponents, but they can't touch him. He doesn't cut angles at all.....Using range well is a skill in itself, but it's not the same thing as striking skill...n

ThatKickDidntHuroooohhhhhhhh site profile image  

4/18/13 3:00 PM by ThatKickDidntHuroooohhhhhhhh

Anderson is easily the better striker of the two. Jones is still very good at striking though. He may not have the awe-inspiring defensive skills that Silva has, but he's outstruck Shogun, Rampage, Rashad, Machida, and Vitor all fairly easily. There's no way you can call his striking mediocre. His aggregate MMA game is better than Silva's, IMO.

UGCTT_nightkap site profile image  

4/18/13 12:24 PM by UGCTT_nightkap

Thank you sir

SQUEEZIE site profile image  

4/18/13 11:34 AM by SQUEEZIE

jbj smashes andy. jbj vs cain/dc are fights i would love to see at heavy in bout a year...unless dc can safely cut to lhw.

SHOOTMedia site profile image  

4/18/13 11:29 AM by SHOOTMedia


flipmode site profile image  

4/18/13 10:53 AM by flipmode

Skills + God's best clay = Champion.

flipmode site profile image  

4/18/13 10:50 AM by flipmode

He didn't say he is 'only' dominant because of size.No doubt Jones is one of the most skilled fighters in MMA.But none of those you listed are exceptionally athletic. They are all lanky or skinny guys who cut loads of weight, that's a bit different to being a massive super athlete with a Usain Bolt body lols

minotauro11 site profile image  

4/18/13 10:44 AM by minotauro11

True but a lot of those come from over powering his opponents or capitalizing when they are rocked or broke. I don't think his BJJ is weak i just think it's the weakest part of his game.

eljamaiquino site profile image  

4/18/13 7:43 AM by eljamaiquino

JBJ has nowhere near the striking and sub game of Silva. Silva is great at striking and bjj, mediocre in wrestling. Jbj is great at wrestling with mediocre striking and bjj. Bones can't even slip a punch for cripes' sake. He does share the ability to control distance like Silva does.....

KingD87 site profile image  

4/18/13 6:58 AM by KingD87

How can you say that when people already have? Anderson is the best in the world today but it's not like he's rapidly improved in the last few years to the point where nobody can survive.