Boxer Fury: MMA is rubbish


Tyson Fury is undefeated in twenty professional boxing fights and is scheduled to compete this Saturday. Fury has famously gone back and forth with MMA fighters Michael Bisping and Cain Velasquez in the media, and today reignited the verbal sparring in talking with ESPN's Franklin McNeil:

“Absolutely, one hundred-million percent,” the 24-year-old Fury said of his desire to fight Velasquez. “I’ve challenged Cain Velasquez to a fight three times. He’s a little boy who doesn’t want to fight. He said no, live on TV.”

There is no doubt in Fury’s mind that he would destroy Velasquez in a fight -- whether it’s under boxing or mixed martial arts rules doesn’t matter to him. The 6-foot-9, 250-pound Fury, who does not respect Velasquez or MMA, simply wants a chance to prove his point.

“I would take Cain Velasquez out,” Fury said. “MMA to me is bulls---. It’s for people who can’t box and like wrestling on the floor. It’s rubbish.

“I’m going to show on Saturday what I’m all about, why I’m this confident and why I’m here to fight.”

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Bobby Lupo site profile image  

4/20/13 6:59 PM by Bobby Lupo

That was a fun fight. Fury got dropped, came back, killed Cunningham, sang a song. 

Bobby Lupo site profile image  

4/19/13 6:49 PM by Bobby Lupo

He's been playing that card forever. He's got every gimmick going

Chromium site profile image  

4/19/13 6:48 PM by Chromium

 Cain Velasquez's response in January:     In short Fury is the pussy here. If he came into MMA he'd probably be fast-tracked to the UFC and then fast-tracked to a title shot as it is, but he is too much of a pussy to put in the effort. He clearly wants a big payday, that is all. Sorry, but James Toney already closed that door when he completely embarassed himself against Randy Couture.

Huey Freeman site profile image  

4/19/13 6:20 PM by Huey Freeman

Lol neither would an mma fighter beat federer in a tennis match.I know one thing forget boxing or mma rules, on the street which is the only place this type of pointless debate can be settled, Cain would destroy him.Destroy him.

ausgepicht site profile image  

4/19/13 5:32 PM by ausgepicht

Member Since: 6/13/12

shaqitup site profile image  

4/19/13 5:09 PM by shaqitup

Why does the UG blow even post this shit?

ramit upper site profile image  

4/19/13 5:07 PM by ramit upper

Cunningham is actually the best fighter Tyson has faced so far (albeit a cruiserweight)Interesting fight imo.

UGSlapshot site profile image  

4/19/13 5:04 PM by UGSlapshot

Dana should hold a press conference and invite him to fight Cain so the world can see him bitch out.

Banjaxo site profile image  

4/19/13 5:00 PM by Banjaxo

Nothing to add to what has already been said, just thought I'd post a gif of the self-uppercut from another angle.The facial expression in the final frame is gold.Blue please?

Truemanc3 site profile image  

4/19/13 4:56 PM by Truemanc3

Hes a pretty dumb fucker lol!I'd love to see that kid get mauled by Cain.