Sonnen recounts being attacked by Brazilian fan at TUF 17 Finale


Having fought and trash talked Anderson Silva twice in his career, there is no love lost between Chael Sonnen and the Brazilian fans. However recently on fan may have taken it a bit too far:

Sonnen was at The Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale when a male fan from Brazil called him over to the stands at Las Vegas' Mandalay Bay Events Center, UFC President Dana White relayed earlier today at a press conference for UFC on FOX 7, which takes place Saturday at HP Pavilion in San Jose, Calif.

Sonnen went over only to get swung on by the man, who "got bundled and dragged up every stair" of the arena while cursing the light-heavyweight contender, White said.

"It was very quick, like those things typically happen," said Sonnen in an interview today with ( "I was visiting with some fans, and a gentleman had started in on me. Ultimately, that's what it led to.

"I think a fan can do anything they want. I think they can heckle, a fan can boo, but they can't touch you. But the same thing goes for me. I can yell at a fan too, but you can't touch them. If you want to be a fan, you buy the ticket, and you can have any energy you want, whether it's positive or negative. And in this case it was negative, and he went a little too far."

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Kings21 site profile image  

4/19/13 4:23 PM by Kings21

Oh c'mon. The bit about Brazil not having computers was gold. Sure it puts himself in a place of "asking for it" but that was gold. Coulda left teh kids out of it though, I agree with that.

The Cecil Peoples Elbow site profile image  

4/19/13 4:16 PM by The Cecil Peoples Elbow

What happened is the absolute best outcome. Nice failed attempt by Jones though

absolutesperry site profile image  

4/19/13 4:14 PM by absolutesperry

Of swing on Chael too! His nutz!I use to hate Chael when he first fought Anderson until my little brain finally realized he's a fucking genius. I hope Bones trips over and lands on Chael's knee.

MolsonMuscles site profile image  

4/19/13 4:01 PM by MolsonMuscles

I'm not a Chael fan, but the bus/carrot story is fucking hilarious.

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

4/19/13 3:46 PM by ranier wolfcastle

someone has to have at least a cell phone video of it somewhere...

Meohfumado site profile image  

4/19/13 3:39 PM by Meohfumado

So this guy gets to go down in history alongside idiots like the one who dove into the penalty box with Tie Domi.

ender852 site profile image  

4/19/13 3:35 PM by ender852

This guy trying to hit sonnen is just as bad as gil's wife hitting that fan for booing, in both cases it is never OK to put your hands on somebody because of something they said...Not sure how some people here can be OK with one and mad at the other, seems like you should have the same stance in both scenarios.

Kick Boxe site profile image  

4/19/13 3:23 PM by Kick Boxe

Chael says Brazillians are dumb and uneducated, while trying to defend his country this idiot fell into both of those columns. Opposite effect of his intent

Steve4192 site profile image  

4/19/13 2:46 PM by Steve4192

LOL at Chael 'Jesus' Sonnen turning the other cheek.Vitor would be proud of him.

kungfufedor site profile image  

4/19/13 12:13 PM by kungfufedor

In that Gif of the Rock is that Rogans Clone?