Nate Diaz calls for more weight classes 'ASAP'


Nate Diaz is determined to return to welterweight, despite losing two in a row at lightweight. UFC president has been adamant that he thinks the idea is not sound.

Now Diaz is thinking outside the box, and has called for more weight divisions.

Nathan Diaz ‏@NateDiaz209
@ufc more weight classes ASAP ?? 163,178,193 More super fights more champion vs champion ,closer to weight better fights more potential ...

The subject of added weight divisions was addressed at length by the Association of Boxing Commissions in 2008/2009, but the standard divisions prevailed:
Flyweight     125
Bantamweight     135
Featherweight     145
Lightweight     155
Welterweight     170
Middleweight     185
Light Heavyweight     205
Heavyweight     265

The new proposed divisions were:
flyweight (up to 105 lbs)
super flyweight (over 105.1 to 115 lbs)
bantamweight (over 115.1 to 125 lbs)
super bantamweight (over 125.1 to 135 lbs)
featherweight (over 135.1 to 145 lbs)
lightweight (over 145.1 to 155 lbs)
super lightweight (over 155.1 to 165 lbs)
welterweight (over 165.1 to 175 lbs)
super welterweight (over 175.1 to 185 lbs)
middleweight (over 185.1 to 195 lbs)
super middleweight (over 195.1 to 205 lbs)
light heavyweight (over 205.1 to 225 lbs)
heavyweight (over 225.1 to 265 lbs)
super heavyweight (over 265.1 lbs).

In the defense of fewer divisions, eight was the number of divisions in boxing for generations, and was a number small enough so that sports fans could remember every champion. Boxing splintered into an endless number of divisions and sanctioning bodies, leaving most fans unable to name a single unified champion.

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cdnz0mbieopc site profile image  

4/25/13 7:03 PM by cdnz0mbieopc

I agree, the pool is so deep at 155-175, I assume cause it seems to be the average body size, an extra division would be awesome, then you might as well add the 195lb division. No way it could be as thin as flyweight. And with a roster of 350-400 fighters, I dont think 10 champions would be that ludicrous

RampageFitsLikeAGlove site profile image  

4/24/13 4:38 PM by RampageFitsLikeAGlove

The UFC struggles to find contenders at 155, 170, 185, and 205 and that would be WAY worse with 2 more divisions.

Kanabull site profile image  

4/24/13 4:35 PM by Kanabull

125, 135, 145, 155, 165, 175, 185, 195, 205, 205+ wouldn't be too bad. Only adding two divisions and I think it would open things up quite a bit and reduce some stress on fighters as far as cutting and dieting.

6ULDV8 site profile image  

4/24/13 1:01 PM by 6ULDV8

I don't like how it goes 185, 205, 265.     As someone said before, no one fights from 206.1 to 235 or so.     That's a whole dead weight division and it sucks because it's the big boys, which are fun to watch.

KingofBJJ site profile image  

4/24/13 11:39 AM by KingofBJJ

Is that your made up list, because I don't know of any major boxing organization that has anything like that. "Franklinweight"?For whatever reason when you get into the heavier weight division, people just aren't willint to pay top dollar to see a Cruiserweight or Super HW fight.Once you are over 200, in boxing you are HW period.

UGSlapshot site profile image  

4/24/13 10:34 AM by UGSlapshot

I understand where he's comming from but it could be a " the grass is always greener on the other side" type comment. Nate Diaz could be a better fighter, nick has always had better skills for the fight style. Ive said it before but he needs to quit emulating his brother, he's not nick.I'm still pissed about the illegal blows that allowed Thompson to finish him. Without the illegal strikes that fight would have continued, I'm not claiming Nate would have won but you never know.I do feel Nate could have won that fight had he fought more intelligently.

LastMinuteReplacement site profile image  

4/24/13 10:15 AM by LastMinuteReplacement

he could have written it more respectfully but I see his point

6ULDV8 site profile image  

4/24/13 9:40 AM by 6ULDV8

Voted the fuck down

Old Thrashbarg site profile image  

4/24/13 9:00 AM by Old Thrashbarg

When i read "weight classes", my brain instantly thought he meant weight training. meaning, he is demanding that he have more weight training so he can put on size. This way, he can maybe be more successful at welterweight, without having to struggle with the weight cut to 155. a big risk, but a chance to get out of this slumpbut no. Diaz isnt demanding more hard work and a drastic change to his career in order to possibly be more successful. Instead he is demanding that the UFC change the entire format of their sport to accommodate him. so he can be successful without having to change anything about himself or his career.209 what what!!!

Chiron site profile image  

4/24/13 3:01 AM by Chiron

Gotta agree here.