GSP: My takedown success owed to Karate, not wrestling


UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre was recently a guest on the Joe Rogan experience and the interview made news for a couple things he said.

Not really news, but a tidbit that Underground might find interesting was his dicussion with Rogan about Karate and how he credited his Karate upbringing being the most important part of his ability to successfully take people down:

"That's what I use for my takedown, the shoot, that people see, it's zero wrestling. It has nothing to do with my wrestling. My wrestling is once I get that leg, I'll finish the takedown. But how I get in and out is because of karate. People are like, ‘no way, Karate, no.' And I'm like, 'yes.' Karate allows me to cut the distance and take the people down.

I have a very good single, a very good double and very good penetration. It's because of my leg, the way I do it, and the timing is because of my karate. I wrestle, too, but my karate is primary. Before I started wrestling, I was a karate guy pure."

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Ministry of Truth site profile image  

4/26/13 9:20 AM by Ministry of Truth

I did before I wrote that. It doesn't answer my question, either.

Bananatoles site profile image  

4/25/13 9:57 PM by Bananatoles

Yes you are right with the last paragraph. But it has nothing todo with what gsp said

armbarseverywhere site profile image  

4/25/13 9:38 PM by armbarseverywhere

^Wasa-b -- voted up.. oh wait..

FormrChamp site profile image  

4/25/13 9:38 PM by FormrChamp

MMA wrestling and NCAA wrestling are two totally different things. I guarantee you Koschek would beat GSP in a folkstyle wrestling match.

Wasa-B site profile image  

4/25/13 9:30 PM by Wasa-B

Read my post on the bottom of the first page.

dermotfix site profile image  

4/25/13 9:13 PM by dermotfix

Well, he does thank Danaher. Actually, Danaher is probably the source of this information, so I believe it.

armbarseverywhere site profile image  

4/25/13 9:00 PM by armbarseverywhere

Correct. Jon Fitch vs GSP is prime example. Machida also trained sumo at a young age. Im sure that has a lot to do with his trips and ability to maintain a strong base in the clinch.GSP didn't do wrestling in college guys,.. Karate helped him develop the type of timing, footwork and explosiveness necessary to execute takedowns. Again, karate is not limited to just strikes, there are throw transitions as well as breaks and a number of other things you're not allowed to do in MMA.WAR KARATE, Karate is WAR.

eljamaiquino site profile image  

4/25/13 8:53 PM by eljamaiquino

Well, how many NCAA wrestlers have been able to outwrestle GSP? Exactly Zero....How many wrestlers have been able to outwrestle Machida?

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

4/25/13 8:45 PM by ChaosOverkill

ZIng!   Man it's hilarious how many people misread/heard him on purpose and are getting absolutely irate with this.

HexRei site profile image  

4/25/13 8:40 PM by HexRei

Meh. How many fighters thank an invisible sky wizard after their bouts? No better.