UFC to propose rules clarifications at ABC convention


Federal law mandates the existence of the Association of Boxing Commisisons, a group that unify rules and suspensions among the various state, tribal, provincial, and municipal Athletic Commissions across North America. The group works year round, and meets once per year at a convention to codify singificant changes.

UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner will appeal to the group this Summer at the convention in San Antonio, TX to refine several critical rules.

Referee Conduct Following an Eye Poke

"What we want the referees to do is don't make a medical decision," Ratner told USA TODAY Sports/MMAjunkie.com. "Call time. Don't ask the kid if he can see or not. Bring the doctor in and let the doctor make the determination."

"Now obviously, if any fighter can't see, you want the fight stopped. But here's a case where if you go through the mechanic and bring the doctor in, it will give them a chance to see if in fact the eye clears up and he can fight. That's what you want to do there.

Ratner used the example of Gian Villante vs. Ovince St. Preux this weekend to illustrate his point. Villante was accidentally poked, was asked if he could see, replied "no" with the anticipation that he had five minutes for the eye to clear, and the fight was stopped. Sufficient time had elapsed in the bout to go to the judge's score cards, rather than declare a No Contest, and Villante lost.

"The referee was a very good referee," said Ratner. "Kevin Mulhall is one of the top referees in the world. Once the fighter said he couldn't see, it puts the referee in a position where he has to stop it. So it's the kind of thing where you want the doctors, who are there for that exact reason, to make the final determination before you stop the fight."

"I think by bringing the doctor in, just the whole operation will take a couple of minutes, and I think that should alleviate most of the pain and give us enough time to make sure the guy can fight."

Knees to a 'Grounded' Opponent

Current rules define 'grounded' as any part of the body but the soles of the feet on the ground, including a pinky. Some fighters use the rule to avoid knees by dropping a hand to the ground. This is the tale wagging the dog, using a rule designed for fight safety to change the way the fight is conducted.

"We really believe this 'three-point stance rule,' where a fighter is just placing his hand on and off the mat so he won't get hit, needs to be addressed," said Ratner. "That's not what the rule is for. That has to be looked at."

"I'm going to work with our attorneys on the language. If you're going against the intent of the rule, and that's what's being done with some fighters, then we've got to change it. I'm going to get the right verbiage for it. That one is one that's come into play recently in the past couple years that needs to be changed."

"We look at all these things. We try to learn from experience and make the sport better."

Lembo Agrees

"I think for uniformity and consistency, it's a good move," said New Jersey State Athletic Control Board counsel Nick Lembo, one of the most influential regulators in the world. "It will also make it easier for the referees because it will take these types of judgment calls out of their hands, in a sense, where OK, I noticed the eye poke, which is going to happen a lot with these fingerless gloves and fighter stances. So, now there's a possible injury to a very vital area, the eye. We have up to five minutes. We have physicians right there. Utilize the physician and make a declaration that's safest and best for the fight, health and safety-wise. What Kevin did, it's always fine to err on the side of health and safety, but let the doctors make that call, and then I think you get a little more comfort and fairness in a Gian Villante situation. I think Gian would have been a little more at peace with what happened if the ringside physician came in and made the decision that Kevin did."

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Non N00B site profile image  

5/1/13 5:14 PM by Non N00B

Rich Franklin agrees

ender852 site profile image  

5/1/13 1:40 PM by ender852

You should have to literally "take a knee" to avoid a knee to the face.

ender852 site profile image  

5/1/13 1:38 PM by ender852

Its pretty easy to change, either one or both knees or hips are touching the ground = grounded.

Jaybrone site profile image  

5/1/13 1:34 PM by Jaybrone

I agree with everyone who is saying playing the three point stance game is bullshit and needs to be addressed. I hope they get it fixed.

triso site profile image  

5/1/13 11:57 AM by triso

I'm all for this.I think another reasonable rule change would be allowing upkicks from the bottom, which is just a terrible rule that severely handicaps a fighter on his back.

Batarnaque site profile image  

5/1/13 11:45 AM by Batarnaque

This is great news. Knees to a grounded opponent when in side control or north-south should have never been disallowed... and while you're at it, allow upkicks to the face when the fighter is on his back, Silva/Okami-style. I don't see much of a negative side to any of that, the shows would instantly get better by a significant margin. Less stalling and none of that bullshit "playing the game" we literally see dozens of times in every single event.Soccer kicks and stomps though, no thanks, that's definitely too dangerous, that's the one thing from Price I never want to see again, though I'll admit that it WAS awesome back then. Shogun misses those dearly! Fighter safety/longevity is paramount, always.

GuillotineNoCanDefend site profile image  

5/1/13 11:26 AM by GuillotineNoCanDefend

They should chance the 12 to 6 elbows while they're at it. Although changing knees to a grounded opponent would definitely be a move in the right direction to prevent fighters from stalling.

FullyLoadedFists site profile image  

4/30/13 9:50 PM by FullyLoadedFists

Awesome, we'll see some brutal gnp finishes from wrestlers now.

Pancake Syrup site profile image  

4/30/13 9:48 PM by Pancake Syrup

I'm fine with almost everything but soccer kicks being removed (Soccer kicks will fuck you up really bad as we all know)

MuchRespec' site profile image  

4/30/13 9:24 PM by MuchRespec'

About fuggin time.