Rory MacDonald hacks into Diaz Twitter


In Pouya Rebek's lastest and some are saying greatest, Rory MacDonald hacks into Nick Diaz' Twitter account and causes problems.

Please note: This is a parody. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. The content in the video is not endorsed by any people depicted in the video.

The Diaz brothers do have nunchucks however!


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WillyMaunawili site profile image  

5/1/13 10:59 PM by WillyMaunawili

Fkn GOLD!!

KZTT_MMAfan55 site profile image  

5/1/13 6:13 PM by KZTT_MMAfan55


6ULDV8 site profile image  

5/1/13 3:25 PM by 6ULDV8

Every single video is gold.  I've lost hours in your Youtube channel   Play all and giggle.   Your Ariel Helwani is really Ariel Helwani, isn't it?

yellow wrkahlc site profile image  

5/1/13 3:07 PM by yellow wrkahlc

He has their voices down perfectly. I enjoy it BECAUSE it's the Diaz Bro's. How often do you see them doing comedic shit in realife? Never. That's what makes prebek's vids so funny. We get to see them doing dumb shit in funny situations!

G-Hands site profile image  

5/1/13 2:40 PM by G-Hands

Fucking hilarious. Rory McDonald's voice and words were fuckin great.Please keep doing these cartoons forever.

Eisenberg site profile image  

5/1/13 2:25 PM by Eisenberg

Its funny, but prebek's obsession with the Diaz bros is getting a little weird. Every single video is about them. Needs different fighters.

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5/1/13 1:32 PM by RedDragons


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5/1/13 1:07 PM by Jay Haas


PrisonMattressPuncher site profile image  

5/1/13 12:23 PM by PrisonMattressPuncher

lol awesome

Card site profile image  

5/1/13 12:20 PM by Card

If you're going to use the Blanka noise... it has the be Gonzaga.