Belfort: Skills, not TRT, wins fights


TRT has been a hot button topic amongst MMA media and fans a like, and some even question whether it should be allowed in the sport. For now, at least, TRT is allowed under certain guidelines and UFC lightheavyweight Vitor Belfort is on a restricted monitored regime. 

Belfort, however does not believe that his TRT is the reason he wins fights:

In response to Rockhold's TRT issues, Belfort said the treatment doesn't win you fights and finds it odd that losses for fighters under TRT are never mentioned:

"Why don't they talk about people that are on TRT and lose in the first round? TRT doesn't win fights. Look at Chael Sonnen, he's on TRT and he's lost fights in the first, second round. That doesn't win fights, you have to have skills."

According to Belfort, he thinks UFC and athletic commissions should make it known to everyone every single fighter under TRT in efforts to bring legitimacy to the highly-debated issue. 

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DEZBOT site profile image  

5/7/13 7:43 PM by DEZBOT

Round 2006?

MasterofMartialArts site profile image  

5/7/13 5:26 PM by MasterofMartialArts

ThisThere is a ridiculous amount of talent rising and the skill level has gone up tremendously... I'm not sure what sport this other guy is talking about.

epic hero site profile image  

5/7/13 5:22 PM by epic hero

I'm against it too but my main point really is that if you want to look down on people for using it, look down on everybody that's using it. People are picking and choosing targets, that's unfair as everybody using it gets the same advantages, they're all doing the same thing. I don't bash people that use TRT either but like I said I'm strongly against it, so it's annoying constantly seeing people use this "war" on TRT to further their agenda's against certain fighters, while others get a pass. I understand looking at things from a case to case basis, but TRT is TRT, they all get the same advantages. If they want to bitch about Vitor, bitch about the people years younger then him using it, along with everybody else. But they'll keep crying and making accusations that they can't prove, while giving others a pass, and I see through that bullshit agenda that people have. Like I said, the way I see there are two sides of the fence here. If you're bitching about particular fighters, you better be against TRT then, because if not, your statements carry not merit. That's just the way I see it

NitroSantanaCFH site profile image  

5/7/13 5:03 PM by NitroSantanaCFH

You mean the floodgate of talent including Jon Jones, Cain, Aldo, JDS, Pettis, Mighty Mouse, Cruz, Bendo, Weidman, Gustaffson, Hendricks and another slew of the best fighters in the world that aren't off the top of my head?

UGSlapshot site profile image  

5/7/13 4:58 PM by UGSlapshot

Dana = dinner I guess. It sure be nice to be able to edit from the app..

UGSlapshot site profile image  

5/7/13 4:50 PM by UGSlapshot

Any fighter who has had disciplinary action for PED use should never be given a doctors exception, ever.If that can't compete then they need to retire. Now I don't know how many fighters that have exemptions have failed drug test in the past. That said I believe it to be around 80 to 90 percent of the fighters how coincidental is that? Here's a conspiracy theory for you, I believe that Dana White wants those older Fighters to use TRT. Really, what happened to the floodgate of talent that was supposed to open up inside the UFC when the sport expanded, it didn't happen and in my opinion dinner just wanted to cycle right and not get caught. I could be wrong, just a thought.

NitroSantanaCFH site profile image  

5/7/13 4:39 PM by NitroSantanaCFH

I don't know if you have pecs, but stand in the mirror and mimic these poses... *gasp* Your chest disappeared! You're on TRT!!!It's the exact same build, ya dork.

Quickash1t site profile image  

5/7/13 4:38 PM by Quickash1t

I wanna stress as a whole I am against steroids and TRT. But I will not hate on a fighter for doing something that is completely legal. TRT is allowed. He has the right to use it. So be it.   If you wanna talk cheaters, discuss people who throw eye pokes over and over, or grab the cage etc. Things you are not allowed to do.    

epic hero site profile image  

5/7/13 3:14 PM by epic hero

They're lame as hell. There is no gray area with TRT, you're either down or not. There are guys years younger then Vitor that are on it, they say he has low levels because of past steroid abuse, and it could be, but it's something that they cannot prove. This picking and choosing shit is lame. Like I said you're either for it or against it, the people trying to pick and choose are the ones with agenda trying to single people out.TRT is TRT, the advantages are all the same. I'm against TRT and view every TRT user in an equal light. The people who don't have a solid stance on it, picking and choosing trying to single people out, are people with an agenda, nothing more