Weidman responds to Silva missing media event


 Yesterday the UFC planned a media event for the title fight between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman. The event was to include interviews with local radio stations and media outlets through an entire day. The champion Silva decided to skip the event and subsequently was fined $50,000 by the UFC. Today Chris Weidman joined the MMA hour to give his take on the situation:

"I haven't been in this sport as long as him," Weidman said, "but you watch these superstar basketball players like LeBron James, and after every game, win or lose, he answers questions from the media. 

"There's always stuff that you don't want to do when you're an athlete, but you just have to do it."

Weidman, who is new to the limelight, questioned whether Silva's priorities were in tact before their middleweight title fight later this summer.

"I hope he's staying grounded," he said. "I hope his head isn't getting so big that he thinks he doesn't have to do things for the UFC, but who am I to judge?

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Learning2pickup site profile image  

5/8/13 3:30 AM by Learning2pickup

oooohhhh....4 way wager fellas? +CKH9i got Weidman by shocking da World

Learning2pickup site profile image  

5/8/13 3:21 AM by Learning2pickup

Anderson happened to renegotiate and resign his new contract before this media call took place... Blaf came straight out with da "50,000 thousand fine" figureHe will do more "no shows" until he gets GSP or BonesHe said it before in "Like Water" doing bullshiet media calls are unnecessary @this point in his career, that's da UFC's priority and not hisobviously they also agreed to a "minimum" of media duties so no need to throw him under da bus now for skipping some silly promotion... and i think we all know how Anderson will address this nonsense @da pre-fight press conference

Learning2pickup site profile image  

5/8/13 2:56 AM by Learning2pickup

very well said my friend...!lots of posters here rather deny, or not bring up, this particular point when talking about contenders for MW beltChris Leben is solid no doubt, but to say Chris (how ironic) Weidman doesn't deserve a shot, didn't do enough to earn it or whatever excuse is just plain dumbMW is as "weak" (or scary > whichever tickles sandy manjeys around here) as it was when Anderson beat Leben and contended for da belt vs Acepersonally imho da level of athleticism now is @least double of what it was when Anderson began his UFC career and by that factor alone MW should be considered more challenging when it comes to competition or contention for #1 seed these days...

UGCTT_granite007 site profile image  

5/7/13 10:55 PM by UGCTT_granite007

How is Abe in the negative. Going to have to dedicate 1 vote day.  

nolabrum site profile image  

5/7/13 8:06 PM by nolabrum

He is 5-0 in the UFC. He has beat two top ten MW since being there. Why does everybody not count beating Mark Munoz? So what he had a year layoff. Had Munoz won he would have gotten a title shot. Munoz went into this fight with a record at MW of 7-1 (7-2 in the UFC he lost a fight to Matt Hammil at 205, He moved down and only lost a close fight to Okami). Munoz was the second top ten MW Weidman beat. He got the shot because there was nobody else to fight Anderson? He got the fight because he is the number one contender. There is no other way to explain that. Where was your outrage when Vitor Belfort got his shot at ANderson SIlva? Vitor Belfort had done less at MW then Weidman did. He beat Rich Franklin at Franklinweight and had zero top ten MW vicotries then. Why didnt you complain then?How about Chael Sonnen? Why didnt you say he didnt deserve a shot? He beat Nate Marquart in such an exciting fashion didnt he? Or his war with Yushin Okami? Im sure you were at the edge of your seat for that one? Or dan Miller? He Lost to Maia who Weidman beat. Nobody cried when Chael fought Silva. I distinctly remember you complaining when Maia got the shot at SIlva thats right you said No way Maia should fight SIlva he's a nobody. oh That's right none of Spiderbutthuggers complained about any of those fights. The truth is Weidman is one of the contenders that has done the most to "earn" his shot at Silva. You guys all cry and babble with the same broken record again and again but nobody can give the name of a Middleweight that deserves to fight Silva more than Weidman. Sure maybe the winner of Rockhold vs Belfort deserves one but that will come after.

Doc T site profile image  

5/7/13 7:56 PM by Doc T

Does anyone else not find this very odd ?

DoomFarmer site profile image  

5/7/13 7:56 PM by DoomFarmer

So what do you do then?GSP WON'T fight him and despite what might be said, the Jones fight isn't going to happen either or it would be booked already..."But Dana said that Anderson said..." Sure. Whatever.So what the fuck do you want him to do then?Quit scoffing at the Weidman fight for fucks sake.Don't you want to see your hero fight?? Or would you rather just prattle on and on about how "________ doesn't deserve it " like each one of you do every single time this guy has a fight coming up?

ShoreBreaker420 site profile image  

5/7/13 7:50 PM by ShoreBreaker420

I agree

335iguy site profile image  

5/7/13 7:49 PM by 335iguy

What's a weidman?