Cyborg didn't refuse Rousey fight for weight


It has been widely reported that Cris Cyborg and her management declined a superfight with Ronda Rousey due to Cyborg's inability to make 135. However, Mike Chiapetta reveals that the real reason was money and the right contract.

In the fall of 2012, Mike Dolce flew out to Southern California to meet with Cris Cyborg.

From what he heard and saw, he was confident in telling her she could easily make the weight. By the time Dolce and Cyborg shook hands and parted, Dolce believed they were on the same page. Cyborg told him she would just have to speak to her management, Tito Ortiz and George Prajin of Primetime 360. But as time passed, a follow-up call never came.

Instead, the next time he heard his name in connection with Cyborg, it was in the media, with Tito Ortiz saying it was impossible for Cyborg to make 135 pounds. Dolce could only scratch his head.

"As a professional, I stand on my resume," Dolce told MMA Fighting. "If she had done the things necessary in November, December and January, it would have been easy for her to make 135 in February."

The biggest issue, according to Cyborg's management firm, was Zuffa treating Cyborg as a bit player rather than an event co-star.

"Every pay-per-view megafight requires two participants, and they weren't giving Cris her just credit," said Prajin. "They were compensating Ronda like she was the only attraction of the fight."

Prajin told MMA Fighting that Cyborg would have attempted the drop to 135 if the sides struck a deal, but a contract fell apart because the money was not right, and because the two sides could never get past the fact that Zuffa insisted on an eight-fight contract.

"We may make it seem like it's more about money, but it's more about respect," Prajin said. "Cris is a humble person. She doesn't drive a fancy car. She beat Gina Carano and proved she was the best at that time, and she got nothing out of it. She got a gold belt around her waist. She told us, 'Hey, I don't care about the UFC.' She knows in her heart people know she's the best. She'll go to Invicta, Japan. She doesn't have anything to prove to anyone. Ronda may hear she's the best in the world, but she has to go to bed at night knowing that's not true until she fights Cris."

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The_Spider site profile image  

5/11/13 7:25 PM by The_Spider

"Cyborg didn't turn down Rousey fight over weight"So she turned her down on weight. Great!

jacktripper site profile image  

5/11/13 7:06 PM by jacktripper

Having an outspoken gay champ would give them tremendous amounts of free publicity and possibly a new fan base

Bellator Fan site profile image  

5/10/13 10:01 PM by Bellator Fan

Correct! Dana White is managing Ronda Rousey without having the official title of manager.

Shogun of Harlem site profile image  

5/10/13 9:41 PM by Shogun of Harlem

How obvious can I be with the male reference?

PeaceThroughStrength site profile image  

5/10/13 9:39 PM by PeaceThroughStrength

It seems like Cyborg needs RR in order to stay in the lime light.

georgejonesjr site profile image  

5/10/13 7:40 PM by georgejonesjr

Even more to the point, in judo you weigh in the day you compete, typically an hour or two before your matches.Meaning Rousey weighed 154 pounds when she was on the mats competing. Assuming your typical 15 pound water cut for a day before weigh-in, 154 pounds judo is the same as 139 MMA.Saying Rousey was at Cyborg's weight in judo is actually saying she was 15 pounds less than Cyborg's weight because of the same day weigh-in. Seriously, you can't rehydrate much in an hour or two, so there's very little cutting in judo. Losing weight long term is normal, but dehydration cuts are very rare - you're too weak on the mats to do anything if you cut 15 pounds (MMA standard) and then compete an hour later.

mongo54 site profile image  

5/10/13 5:12 PM by mongo54

PED tests indicate otherwise

BRZ site profile image  

5/10/13 5:07 PM by BRZ

Plus Ronda is on one of ESPN magazines cover as well.

KingofBJJ site profile image  

5/10/13 4:26 PM by KingofBJJ

Cyborg's a female, and therefore is nutless.

Soup and Beer site profile image  

5/10/13 3:32 PM by Soup and Beer

Exactly. I consider myself a pretty hard core fan buy I give less than a shit about Mighty Mouse or anyone else in the men's 125 pound division. I do get pumped up for a good woman's fight though. The 125 men's division is more like midget wrestling whereas 135 is a standard weight for women so it means more.