Jones: Don't mess with an MMA fighter


As long as boxing and mixed martial arts exist together, each side will have it's proponents arguing that their sports is superior to the other. Tyson Fury thinks he's the best heavyweight combat athlete in the world and UFC President Dana White thinks his heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez is.

In an interview for Power 105.1, UFC lightheavyweight champion Jon Jones was asked how he would fair in a bout with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather:

"To be honest with you, if it was all hands, it would probably be a pretty competitive match. But that's not fighting, either. You can't be at the bar and be like, alright, no kicking, no taking me down, don't stretch my shirt out. It's not like that. What I do, I consider it to be the true art of fighting. To do everything. 

Fighting Floyd Mayweather wouldn't even be right. Nobody would want to see that. James Toney did it about two years ago. He lost in the first round. Don't mess with an MMA fighter. You don't want to do that. It's a bad look."

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However, Larry Brown doesn't think a boxing match between the two would even be competive:

I know that Jones is an awesome MMA fighter and that he has a significant size advantage over the 5-foot-8, 147-pound Mayweather, but let’s be real: Mayweather is one of the best boxers in the planet. If we’re talking strictly boxing, Jones is probably considered below average. Regardless of size, Floyd would win that fight.

And don’t even get me started with how it would go in MMA. As we saw with James Toney, the UFC is no place for a boxer. Not unless you’re also competent as a wrestler and schooled in practices like Jiu-Jitsu.

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mikethecricket site profile image  

5/10/13 7:38 PM by mikethecricket

arigato sensei!

youarewhatiswrong site profile image  

5/10/13 6:57 PM by youarewhatiswrong

Don't forget head butting. If you aren't smashin' your dome into that motherfucker's teeth, you aren't trying hard enough.

Lazer MMA site profile image  

5/10/13 4:34 PM by Lazer MMA

8.5/10Don't expect a boxer to help you with the rest! LOL

mikethecricket site profile image  

5/10/13 4:25 PM by mikethecricket

I love and trane MMA, but it is still several steps away from the "true art of fighting"In MMA two types of attack that can end the fight are not allowed. If a fight is ended by eye poke or groin strike, it is considered unfair (or a NC).MMA =/= the true art of fighting MMA fighters NEVER protect the groin or eyes.

Bisping decisioned my SN site profile image  

5/10/13 3:38 PM by Bisping decisioned my SN

What does weight have to do with your chin? Just because your bigger doesn't mean your chin is granite. It just means you posses more power.

ShawnTheBadger site profile image  

5/10/13 3:31 PM by ShawnTheBadger

I did not claim any number of street/bar fights.  I am safely guessing it is a staggering number.  Not too many folks were in the club business and doing security for as long as I was. I am well aware of all the variables in a street/bar fight.  Painfully, excruciatingly, overtly aware. What is more likely to happen in reality is that Jones and Floyd have a drink together and pose for pictures.  Or greet each other, shake hands and part ways after pleasantries.  I don't see a pistol-whipping nor a cleared dance-floor fight. However, I did not start this topic nor hypothetical-what-if-discussion thread. Nice to meet you Mr. Fanboy living vicariously and arguing in this thread.         And don't you know anything? Spidey destroys the Green Goblin.      

Lazer MMA site profile image  

5/10/13 3:30 PM by Lazer MMA

Ali steps up to the ring against wrestler Gorilla Monsoon to boast his boxing skills "Muhammad Ali is going to commit suicide here"Just for fun boys. Boxing.................

flashgetman site profile image  

5/10/13 3:21 PM by flashgetman

this isn't the WWE !! JBJ is no Big Show !!has boxing become some kind of mystical TMA ? does PBF has some kind of dim mak touch paired with his (excellent, no question about it...) boxing ??now the boxer who never knocks anyone his size out is supposed to knock the hell of a genetic freak whose chin has never been an issue and who is twice his size...if floyd was at 205 or at least a big 185er, with the same skills as he's now, jones wouldn't have any chance in a boxing match!! but even then he (pbf) would get his ass kicked in mma...

youarewhatiswrong site profile image  

5/10/13 2:10 PM by youarewhatiswrong

Floyd Mayweather -Height 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)Reach 72 in (183 cm)Jon Jones -Height 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)Reach 84.5 inches (2.15 m)If Jones was just some scrub coming in off the street then sure, maybe Mayweather could overcome that advantage.But we're not talking about some scrub off the streets. We're talking about perhaps the greatest LHW Mixed Martial Arts fighter of all time. A happens to train all day every day to punch other men in the face for a living, just as Floyd does. In a pure boxing match Floyd never sees anything inside the end of Jones' glove, gets knocked out by the fighter twice his size.Christ, why not just put Floyd in there with one of the Klitchkos and be done with it. Floyd is the greatest boxer of all time, obviously he would own Vladdy Klitchko.

Johnny D site profile image  

5/10/13 12:26 PM by Johnny D

I'm sure people from different cities and different parts of the country have different experiences when it comes to street fights.personally I avoid them at all cost, I have never known one to not involve a weapon of some type, usually a gun if not a knife.most of what I have seen ends just like this,