Lytle willing to come out of retirement for short notice fight


Chris Lytle has been retired for almost two years, retiring after a fight of the night and submission of the night over Dan Hardy. Lytle had been fighting professionaly since 1999 and was at the time the guy who held more bonuses than anyone else. However, Lytle isn't necessarily retired and would be open to fight under the right circumstance:

"I can't say it's always closed. I've made this comment to them before, I said, ‘hey man, I'm not willing to put in eight weeks of training but if you called me and said, hey, I have this possible fight Chris. Somebody backed out and we need you in a week. We need you in five days, we need you here. I could take it.

There's a couple guys I do want to fight on short notice because I wouldn't have to spend all that time away from my family and, like I said, I'm still training some, I still feel like I'm in good shape right now. And as veteran I know how to condition myself to where I could last three rounds. So, you never know. If you have something last minute, let me know.

That's the only way I could see it. If it was like two weeks before a fight or something, but you give me two months I don't think I could...I mean, I can't say never. There is a couple possibilities if they said, if Dana or somebody came to me and said, hey Chris, I would really like you to do this, take this certain fight for one reason. I'd say ok, I can do one but I'm not planning on coming back long term. I could do something possibly but I definitely don't see that happening but you never can tell."

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Mit site profile image  

5/7/14 11:16 PM by Mit

Really? A year later?!?@@

NavyCorpsman site profile image  

5/13/13 3:40 PM by NavyCorpsman

Holy hell ... GREEN NAME!

Jaybrone site profile image  

5/13/13 3:02 PM by Jaybrone

TTT for Chris!

sk8actr site profile image  

5/13/13 12:43 PM by sk8actr

Chris is a legend, been around a long time. Had one of the best retirement fights ever. I will always be a Lytle fan. It would be amazing if he came back, but he has not a thing to prove.

goocher site profile image  

5/13/13 12:34 PM by goocher

As much as I'd like to see him back, he can't go out a better way than submitting Hardy in the 3rd. I'd rather see guys go out on an amazing performance than a loss. Credit to Lytle though for being a bad ass and rather wanting a fight on short notice.

Jaybrone site profile image  

5/13/13 12:31 PM by Jaybrone

HOLY CRAP!?! Is this the real Chris Ltle???? If so: 1. MODS GET HIM A FUGGEN GREEN NAME! 2. Thank you Chris for all the great fights. 3. Much respect for always being classy in vicotry or defeat.

Jaybrone site profile image  

5/13/13 12:25 PM by Jaybrone

He got to go out in style and I respect him so much as a man and fighter. Part of me wants him to stay retired because you can't write a better ending than maybe a title fight but realistically that isn't happening. But another part of me wants to see him in the cage again for purely selfish reasons. You can't call any of his fights boring and he gives it everything he has. Dude was a warrior who put on highly entertaining fights. I am torn on this one.

Winston Wolf site profile image  

5/13/13 10:30 AM by Winston Wolf

much respect

iflytle site profile image  

5/13/13 10:24 AM by iflytle

Sorry to disappoint anyone but I'm not fighting again. I always say you never know because something crazy could happen but I don't think that is a realistic situation. I'm happy and don't need to fight to make me feel complete so please don't think I'm trying to come back. I'm just helping other fighters now.