Bruce Buffer recounts fight with Frank Trigg in elevator


Bruce Buffer is known as the greatest announcer in the short history of mixed martial arts. Buffer has been a staple in the UFC octgaon for seventeen years and recently released an autobiography full of years of stories from inside and outside the cage. Buffer was a guest on Fuel TV's UFC Tonight and revealed an interesting altercation he had with former UFC welterweight Frank Trigg:

Buffer on fighting Frank Trigg in an elevator: “Frank and I went into an elevator at the Hard Rock Hotel and Dana White happened to be in the elevator. As soon as Dana gets in, Frank was asking Dana to put him in the Octagon. I’m a watch freak. Dana had this great watch and I stepped in front of Frank to look at the watch and suddenly I get a right hand to my throat. I asked Frank why he hit me and he said, ‘What are you going to do about it?’ and my old street kicked in. I punched him twice in the stomach and we had a lot of fun for ten floors.”

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sunderground site profile image  

5/19/13 6:55 PM by sunderground

He is a constant self-promoter. And yeah, talking about money and your $400 shirts is lame.And you cant buy good taste. For someone that talks about his clothes, he looks like he buys all his suits at the same place that too many NFL players buy theirs. Some ugly flashy shit.

Edelweiss site profile image  

5/17/13 3:45 PM by Edelweiss

Ha! At 18:40 Bruce says Goldberg drinks like a "fag." Don't let Dana hear this :) I stand corrected on what happened in the fight. Trigg goes along with everything Bruce said. All apologies for doubting it.

SouthernGent site profile image  

5/17/13 2:03 PM by SouthernGent

I absolutely cannot stand bruce and his antics. Great voice though.

Bat21 site profile image  

5/17/13 1:14 PM by Bat21

Threads like this are one of the reasons why the UG is the absolute hands-down best MMA site in the world.

Naheb site profile image  

5/17/13 9:24 AM by Naheb

I'm with you Morgz

MMArijuana site profile image  

5/17/13 7:48 AM by MMArijuana

For later

Kenso site profile image  

5/17/13 6:48 AM by Kenso

According to Honda, it was Brian Caraway not Trigg.

jman site profile image  

5/17/13 6:26 AM by jman

Holy shit at a Hey Beer Man sighting...nice to see you still posting.I read The Millionaire Next Door it was an interesting read. Not a "self help" book or anything, just an interesting analysis studying millionaires over 20 years to see what kind of life the average American millionaire lives and how he got there.$400 for a shirt, damn...I'm wearing a $4 shirt I got at Walmart right now as I'm typing this. To each his own I guess.

rrefs site profile image  

5/17/13 5:37 AM by rrefs


Smilin like Rashad site profile image  

5/17/13 5:28 AM by Smilin like Rashad

was just thinkin the same thing...after seein the interview and reading some of his book...this guy definitly take himself way too way he would leave that elevator whoopin frank triggs ass...really bruce u dont gotta lie to kick it bruce...can do without the dont mess with the Zohan stories