Silva: Nogueira brothers convinced me not to retire after Pride


Karyn Bryant: Let's talk about your friends, the Nogueiras. Why do they mean so much to you?

Anderson Silva: The Nogueira brothers are part of my family. I love these buys because me stay together with my dream, because one day I talked to Rogerio and Rodrigo and say I no more fight bro.

Karyn Bryant: Was that after Pride and you thought maybe I'll just stop and the Nogueira's convinced you to keep going then?

Anderson Silva: Ya, the time Rogerio and Rodrigo talk to me, I no have nothing. My dream was lost, Rodrigo talked to me and said 'hey come to my house, I will help you. Don't worry. Come to hear, we will train together.' I finished my contract with Pride. The guys tell me not to fight in Pride anymore. I said 'what? I fight in Pride, I'm good in Pride. I had no problem with Pride, but Rodrigo help me for better fights. I love Rodrigo. I love  Rogerio. This is my family.

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I_Bungalo_Baboo_Babies site profile image  

5/16/13 10:32 AM by I_Bungalo_Baboo_Babies

It's a privilege to watch Silva fight, it will be a sad day when he loses a couple more steps and becomes mortal again. The AS that fought Griffen wouldn't lose to anyone, ever

zazen br site profile image  

5/16/13 10:10 AM by zazen br

Go ahead and just read anything written by Malcolm Gladwell.And while "Tipping Point" is a great book, "Outliers" is certainly even more related to what the guy is looking for.Oh and don't forget "Blink", also a kick-ass mind-opening read that delves into both psychology and human cognition. :)

Ryan Black site profile image  

5/15/13 10:09 PM by Ryan Black

That got a legit LOL from me. Oh, Jimmy Rustler... The Grand Rustler Of Jimmies... where are you when we need you??

Knippz site profile image  

5/15/13 8:27 PM by Knippz

That special sucked. There was absolutely nothing on it I haven't already seen Anderson asked before. I knew every answer before it came. And the Nog bros story is soooo 2006/7.

KZTT_W85 site profile image  

5/15/13 7:29 PM by KZTT_W85


Yoghurt site profile image  

5/15/13 6:51 PM by Yoghurt

I just hope the Cole Konrad pearl gets some love and doesn't go unnoticed

The horses mouth site profile image  

5/15/13 6:13 PM by The horses mouth

If the nog brothers convinced him I'd love to try and sell some things to him. Easy $

halfninja site profile image  

5/15/13 3:31 PM by halfninja

Read "The Tipping Point" by whatever the hell homeboy's name is. EDIT: Malcolm Gladwell

Yoghurt site profile image  

5/15/13 3:08 PM by Yoghurt

I'm dying over here lol

MikeA1129 site profile image  

5/15/13 2:59 PM by MikeA1129

I'd like to see the back story of other successful people. It's interesting to see how close they came to never becoming famous. Also the child who wrote the dialog should be fired.