Diaz manager: 'Fag' means punk or bitch, not gay


Pat Healy made a financially disastrous decision to smoke marijuana prior to his fight with Jim Miller last month at UFC 159, which saw him awarded not one but two $65,000 performance bonuses. When a test administered by the Nevada State Athletic Commission came back positive for marijuana, the bout result was changed to NC, and Healy was out $130,000.

The $65,000 bonus for Submission of the Night went to Bryan Caraway. Caraway then expressed enthusiasm for the bonus, and disdain for marijuana use.

"I couldn't be more happy, and it was an insanely pleasant surprise," said Caraway.

"All I've got to say is that's some expensive weed. I like Healy a lot. I came up through the fighting ranks with him. We used to train together at Team Quest. I love the guy. But I have absolutely zero remorse or guilt.

"I hate weed. I cannot stand it. I've never tried it. I've never smoked a drug in my life. So I have absolutely zero tolerance for people that do it. I don't care if it's legal in some places or not. I think it's absolutely ridiculous. Whether it's legal in real life or not, they tell you to follow the rules. You need to follow the rules."

"There's going to be haters in this sport, but I know I'm a genuinely good person, and I know that's eventually going to shine through. People are going to start seeing my character and that I'm a tough dude. It does feel good to get recognition. It's welcoming."

Nate Diaz took pointed offense at the remarks.

"I feel bad for pat Healy that they took a innocent mans money," tweeted Diaz. "And I think the guy who took the money is the biggest Fag in the world."


In response, Diaz has been suspended by the UFC, pending the results of and internal investigation. The UFC recently instituted a formal code of conduct that bars fighters from using discriminatory or derogatory language.

"We are going to fine, suspend or cut him," said UFC president Dana White. "One or two of those three will happen."

However, in a conversation with MMAJunkie, Diaz's manager Mike Kogan said that the use of the term was not a slur against homosexuals, but rather a general term of disparagement.

"Nate voiced a personal opinion about an incident that took place involving Bryan Caraway in which he chased Dana all over Twitter to try to get a bonus, which was taken away from Pat Healy, got the bonus, and then had the nerve to go back out there and bash the guy and talk s--- about weed-smoking and how much he hates it and how it's wrong, which was, at best, a s--- move on his side," said Kogan.

"Guess what? The word faggot, at least in Northern California, and where Nate is from, means bitch. It means you're a little punk. It has nothing to do with homosexuals at all. So when Nate made the comment that he made, he didn't make it in reference to homosexuals or calling Caraway a homosexual. He just said it was a bitch move."

Kogan was asked whether prominent fighters are held to a highter standard of conduct in social media.

"How people take it is beyond my control," said Kogan. "But that's what his intent was. And it was a bitch move, for the record. Pat Healy? It's not like Pat Healy is Georges St-Pierre and he could afford it. That was probably the most money he's ever made in his life. And because of something he did I'm pretty sure way before the fight ... it's not like he walked out into the cage with f---ing weed in his mouth. He got fined. He doesn't need somebody else dwelling over it.

"I'm sure some people got offended, and hopefully this article will explain what his intent was. But how people view it is how people view it. I can't control that. His intent was not to make a derogatory term toward homosexuals. He used the word to refer to a punk or a bitch."

Diaz was not the sole figure to take umbrage at Caraway.

Bellator fighter Michelle Ould, too weighed in, via Twitter.

Michelle Ould ‏@MichelleOuldMMA
Dude use to sell my ex roommate PED's - but he hates weed -go figure

FightDiscussion ‏@FightDiscussion
@MichelleOuldMMA seriously? I heard this and came to look for myself

Michelle Ould ‏@MichelleOuldMMA

Caraway flatly denied the accusation during an extended back and forth with Ould.

Bryan Caraway ‏@BryanCaraway
@MichelleOuldMMA Thats a F'ing Lie 100% either on your part or whoever your roommate is so Nice try on getting a lil attention. SMH

Michelle Ould ‏@MichelleOuldMMA
@BryanCaraway  if I wanted attn I woulda said Sumn years ago-I just kno what she told me. And ur ex. N couple other ppl.

Bryan Caraway ‏@BryanCaraway
@MichelleOuldMMA well I swear on everything that's not true. And my Ex??? U might have me confused w some1 else?

Michelle Ould ‏@MichelleOuldMMA
@BryanCaraway no Hun-not confused. Who knows maybe every1 is Lyin on u-I'm not out 2 get u I just feel---well, glass houses-ya kno?

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smoogy site profile image  

5/17/13 8:19 PM by smoogy

Making fairly baseless PED accusations on the UG: Fighter bashing Making PED accusations on twitter than can be reposted here: NEWS

Oontyex site profile image  

5/17/13 8:14 PM by Oontyex

I'm in two minds on this.1) fag and gay have become used socially to note something as negative or less manly. This definitely comes back to the implication that there's something wrong or less manly about gay guys even though I think the term is now used without any conscious connection between the two. It will be great when the use of the terms like this is removed from the social vocabulary as it holds negative associations for gays.But2) what, if any, is the real cost of Nate saying this? He did not intend any hatred towards the gay community, this is not a trivial thing. I don't see the huge issue in one person being behind the times. More so, I don't see the gain in people making a huge fuss and getting hyper offended by it. Someone you will never spend time with used a word you don't like on the Internet. Do people have that little going on in their lives that this crushes their feelings?

Ponyboy site profile image  

5/17/13 7:34 PM by Ponyboy

If it hasn't been said yet.........They definately watched "south park" last sunday.

Arzn1ck site profile image  

5/17/13 7:25 PM by Arzn1ck

mehhh words hurt my feelings.

KingofBJJ site profile image  

5/17/13 5:37 PM by KingofBJJ

So when Nate calls you a Fag, he really means your a Bitch so that makes it okay.

jar of flies site profile image  

5/17/13 5:20 PM by jar of flies

Kogan and Wallid could be brothers.Wallid:Kogan:

TwinkieTheKid site profile image  

5/17/13 5:18 PM by TwinkieTheKid

Wallid Ismael copyrighted the use of the word "faggot" to describe another fighter long ago."Heeees cock. Faggot."

Scream13 site profile image  

5/17/13 5:11 PM by Scream13

Kogan's response didnt surprise me at all..he has said way worse...http://www.fighters.com/05/17/nate-diazs-decision-making-problemThat’s why Rampage and Jon Jones are so popular. They are “house niggas”, they are for the white folk, you know what I mean? I’m not trying to put down black folk, but if you sit down and listen to Jon Jones, ain’t no black folk saying that shit man, come on. The last person that said that shit is Barack Obama, and that nigga the President, so of course he gonna say that shit- Mike Kogan

Freeman site profile image  

5/17/13 4:52 PM by Freeman

Oh that's very interesting about the PEDs. This keeps getting better.  

Thacommish site profile image  

5/17/13 4:52 PM by Thacommish

look i know we hired a guy in matt hughes who thinks homosexuals are some sort of mentally damaged heathens, but we will not tolerate bad things to be said about gay people, even when hes not talking about gay people.