Bigfoot: Main strategy is to not to let Cain's elbows get near my forehead


Last year Antionio "Bigfoot" Silva got the blood beat out of him by UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez. Silva regrouped, and earned impressive KO victories over Travis Browne and Alistair Overeem.

Now, on May 25, Bigfoot gets a second shot at it all.

During the UFC 160 conference call, Silva said this time things will be different.

“I think the main thing is in our first fight I was nervous and I was anxious," related Silva. "I’ve replaced those emotions now. Now, I’m driven, I really want this.

"Comparing my style of fighting to Cain’s style of fighting, I would have to be born again to become faster than Cain Velasquez. I have 30 pounds on him. He’s going to be faster than me, so I need to work with what I have.

"I have to work with what I have - I have very heavy, heavy hands … I’m very confident that I’m going to win this belt, so I believe I’m going to be the one defending it."

"We learn a lot from our mistakes as people, especially our professional mistakes. For sure, I learned a lot from my last fight, from how things were for me going into the fight, what I need to do different. So, this is a whole other ball game. I’m prepared and I’m ready to go."

"Obviously, in the first fight, I made a big mistake. But there were a lot of things I did right going into that fight that unfortunately you guys didn’t get to see, so, much of that has been maintained. Overall, the main strategy is just not to let his elbows get near my forehead.” 


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