Sonnen: Belfort 'almost unstoppable'


Vitor Belfort fights former Strikeforce champion Luke Rockhold in the main event of UFC on FX 8.

Chael Sonnen and Kenny Florian's FUEL TV weigh in show covered things getting heated at Friday (see below), but Sonnen says it is going to be Vitor Belfort's fight.

"He's just as fast, he's just as accurate, he's just as intimidating, but he's a lot smaller," said Sonnen of Belfort. "When he made his debut he was heavyweight, then he came down to light heavyweight, won the championship over Randy Couture. Now he's down at middleweight. This guy is almost unstoppable.

"Outside of Anderson Silva, we haven't seen anybody that can beat him here. Really big test and I think finally mentally he's starting to believe in himself."

What do you think UG? Is Belfort unstopable?

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UGCTT_FryedTakayama site profile image  

5/19/13 8:15 AM by UGCTT_FryedTakayama

Unstoppable Vitor!

Non N00B site profile image  

5/18/13 8:23 PM by Non N00B

Yep, Randy busted Vitor open with a headbutt in third fight.

MMAzombie site profile image  

5/18/13 8:05 PM by MMAzombie

Vitor won their first fight by cutting Randy's eye with a loose part of his glove

madbanker site profile image  

5/18/13 8:00 PM by madbanker

I'm too lazy to search but I'm almost 100 percent sure randy beat vitor.

trobinson21 site profile image  

5/18/13 7:49 PM by trobinson21


mijo site profile image  

5/18/13 7:45 PM by mijo


NiteProwleR site profile image  

5/18/13 6:22 PM by NiteProwleR

he does only lose to the very best.

Ironhouse site profile image  

5/18/13 5:59 PM by Ironhouse

Good lord Vitor looks like such a beast since his return against rich. Check the google images, he looks like a younger man.

OregonChaelClosedDueToBandWagonCrash site profile image  

5/18/13 5:56 PM by OregonChaelClosedDueToBandWagonCrash

All fighters are on peds. Get the fuck over it.

Non N00B site profile image  

5/18/13 5:47 PM by Non N00B

Weird to see Chael talking highly of Vitor