Hunts receives visa, will compete as expected at UFC 160


Last week Mark Hunt worried everyone, tweeting that he had been having problems receiving a visa for his bout with Junior Dos Santos at UFC 160. An arrest from eleven years ago was causing an issue, and Hunt was unsure it would resolve in time for him to make the trip. Fortunately today we learn that the issue has been resolved and Hunt will be on his way to Vegas soon:

On what was reportedly the final day for Hunt to get his visa and make his way to the United States, "The Super Samoan" has come through just six days before the event and will be able to compete in the biggest fight of his career against dos Santos.

"Thank u for my visa father," Hunt wrote on his official Twitter account Sunday (May 19, 2013) afternoon.

Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting was also able confirm with UFC officials that the former kickboxing champion is "likely" to fly out this evening.

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Heliofant site profile image  

5/21/13 8:49 AM by Heliofant

Thank fuck. Now the real main event can happen.

WarAJS site profile image  

5/21/13 7:28 AM by WarAJS

reference to diaz? lol

Jaybrone site profile image  

5/20/13 9:35 PM by Jaybrone

how long does it take to get the toxic plane water out of your system if you have a 18 hour travel time?

the venerable dr wu site profile image  

5/20/13 6:41 PM by the venerable dr wu

Good news but this will fuck hunt with jetlag and that shit plane air.

AFC1281 site profile image  

5/20/13 2:36 PM by AFC1281

Seriously man, don't's just not worth it little kid. I understand that you are accustomed to acting like a little pussy-ass bitch, but it's time to grow up before community college and don't cry. No one likes a little bitch who constantly cries, which explains why no one likes you....but maybe you have some hope yet. Is your mom still turning tricks for her coke addiction or is she just relying on the welfare and food stamps now? Hopefully you'll kill yourself before you get a chance to respond to this.Also, why is it that the name "Caligulus" is synonymous with "post-op"? I'm sure someone's asked you this at some? point or another in your life, your thoughts?

KingofBJJ site profile image  

5/20/13 1:06 PM by KingofBJJ

This should be a relatively difficult fight for JDS.  Had this happens a few years ago, I would have given it easily to JDS, but something has happened to Hunt and he has  been on fire. Right now it is too close for me to make a call, because either fighter can finish it with a single punch.  

therealeags site profile image  

5/20/13 10:33 AM by therealeags

Rogan cant wait to talk about the rally for mark hunt coming full circle on brodcast....he loves this shit

Mix6APlix site profile image  

5/20/13 10:21 AM by Mix6APlix

Word.This man needs 100 more VU's.

Jaybrone site profile image  

5/20/13 10:09 AM by Jaybrone

FUCK YES!!!!!!! Just hope he is able to acclimate a 2k+ change in elevation does take a little getting used to.

ShawnTheBadger site profile image  

5/20/13 9:52 AM by ShawnTheBadger

Funny you brought up Roy Nelson. I do not see JDS the BB getting Hunt the purple belt (under Liborio) down very easily, keeping him down, nor submitting him.  Hunts TDD/grappling has improved by leaps and bounds.  Hunt will get back to his feet relatively unscathed and unfazed. JDS hit Roy with his very best shots.  JDS will light-up Hunto with his very best shots.  With about the same effect or less.  Hunts dome and Roys head are both made of reinforced concrete. However, Hunt is a much better, more accomplished, dangerous and well rounded striker than Roy ever will be. Hunt is far more explosive and quick in short-bursts than Roy. Hunt will in fact, no doubt about it, connect with his own shots to JDS. Hunto for the TKO/KO.