MacDonald dismisses notion of ever fighting GSP


Rory MacDonald has slowly been moving his way up the welterweight rankings and a win over Jake Ellenberger in his next bout could put him a fight away from a world title fight. The only problem, longtime friend and trainer partner Georges St-Pierre is currently the world champion. According to MacDonald, however, the two will never fight, no matter what:

"We're not fighting," MacDonald said. "Me and Georges are friends, we're training partners. We'll have our own arrangements and figure it all out when the time comes. It's not going to come to us fighting. Friends, teammates, you know? We're here to help each other."

When asked to clarify his "arrangements" comment, MacDonald reiterated his ultimate goal in the sport is to become a champion.

"We'll just figure it out," MacDonald said. "I'm not there yet. I'm more focused on Jake than anything, I'm taking it one step at a time. I'm sure at one point I'll be champ in this division, that is my goal. I'm not just here to be No. 3 guy or No. 4 or whatever I'm ranked. Eventually I'll get there."

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leftlegtrumpcard site profile image  

5/21/13 6:10 PM by leftlegtrumpcard

Bravo sir....bravo....

MasterofMartialArts site profile image  

5/21/13 5:31 PM by MasterofMartialArts

Lol @ "his favorite food joint"Great story bro.War BJ!!

hercules_mma_kosark site profile image  

5/21/13 12:18 PM by hercules_mma_kosark

Idk if they will but they should. The champion is who is best.

The Last Emperor site profile image  

5/21/13 9:31 AM by The Last Emperor

When Hendricks beats Georges, then Rory can fight him for the title.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

5/20/13 11:28 PM by ChaosOverkill

Precisely, since it's GSP and Rory named here it brings out all the angry hypcritical hate

inf0 site profile image  

5/20/13 11:25 PM by inf0

Kenny Florian was the prototype for GSP's bf.  

The_Spider site profile image  

5/20/13 11:21 PM by The_Spider

Yes. Watch BJ vs Florian, then BJ vs Rory. The story goes like this:BJ Penn returned to the LW division and took out Kenny Florian with his patented RNC. As Penn emerged victorious, Kenny retreated silently. Little did he know, he was about to get ambushed. On his way to the locker room, a mad scientist experimenting with fighter DNA, injected KenFlo with a serum, rendering him unconscious. Dragging the seemingly lifeless body of Kenny, the scientist extracted the talent gene and injected it into one of the cyborgs resting in his chamber.It took the form of Florian, but an evil aura surrounded it. This creation was stronger, faster, and bigger. He dubbed it, Rory Macdonald. Rory, because it contained hidden rage of Florian. MacDonald, because that is his favorite food joint.As Penn stood across the Octagon from Rory, he wondered why he looked so familiar. Florian tried to shout "I still want BJ's belt" to warn Penn, but the scientist shut him up too quickly, the cage doors shut, and Rory viciously dominated the former champ.Little did everyone else know, Penn was secretly training after his loss. He now lies underwater, shuffling rocks with his mind, as he learned to breathe without air and move things with telekinesis.BJ Penn Will Return!

Jeon Sa site profile image  

5/20/13 11:21 PM by Jeon Sa

Nate planned in moving to welterweight if Gil had of won the title from Benson.

Vote me down site profile image  

5/20/13 11:21 PM by Vote me down

Wait till Rory finds out GSP was cheating on him. He will want to fight then.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

5/20/13 11:08 PM by ChaosOverkill

So if Nate or Jake Shields had made it to the top of the WW division and Nick was Champ you think they would fight each other?