UFC counterpunches Culinary Unon with site of their own


The Nevada-based Culinary Workers Union Local 226 has for years failed in its attempts to unionize the Station group of hotel-casinos in Las Vegas. Station Casinos is owned by Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, who are also majority owners of the UFC.

Although the UFC has nothing to do with culinary workers, and indeed provides a vast amount of union work at arenas across the nation, and the world, it has for years been a target of the union.

A stock tactic the union employs is to create a fake organization, purporting to represent a decent group with decent intents, that is in reality something very different. The group does not care a whit about MMA figures cursing in media or any of the other covers they hid behind. They just want to fill union coffers.

Anti-UFC steps the union has taken include:
•Backed anti-MMA legislation in New York;
•Called on the Federal Trade Commission to investigate UFC parent company Zuffa;
•Launched a website complaining that UFC President Dana White swears a lot;
•Launched an online petition calling on FOX to back away from a deal to broadcast UFC events;
•Demanded Anheuser-Busch pull its Bud Light sponsorship of the UFC;
•Supported wacky MMA legislation in California;
•Demanded the Marine Corps cut ties with the UFC;
•Demanded that OTM cut ties with the UFC; and
•Asked FOX to remove UFC lightweights Jeremy Stephens and Abel Trujillo from their UFC on FOX 5 fight for having a record.
•Petitioned Toys"R"Us CEO Gerald Storch to pull all UFC related toys from the company's stores.

Where organized labor once lifted millions of exploited workers into the middle class, the Culinary Union is now spending member dues to accuse Dana White of using swear words, and Joe Rogan of calling someone 'cunty' on the UG. And the union has no issue - what so ever - with the UFC.

Further, this is not an action undertaken to save opressed workers from exploitation and degradation - Station Casinos was repeatedly named one of the "100 Best Companies to Work For."

The logic behind the actions is difficult to fathom. The majority of steps taken thus far are comical. The main exception is supporting anti MMA efforts in New York, which hurts fans and fighters, the economy of New York state, and every employee at Madison Square Garden, a union shop.

Now, the UFC is striking back with a site of their own site TheTruthAboutCulinary226.com. Tellingly, the UFC is open about it's ownership of the site, and didn't create some fictitious front group, as the Culinary Union has done over a dozen times now.

The site explains why the UFC is being targeted.

The Culinary Union has targeted Station Casinos because the company refuses to agree to a “card check” process whereby the Culinary Union may become the representative of its employees without being elected as such through a secret ballot election. Rather than simply following the secret ballot election process that U.S. federal law provides, the Culinary Union’s management has instead waged a dishonest campaign to pressure Station Casinos to capitulate to its demands. As part of that campaign, the Culinary Union has been engaging in harassment tactics that target all of the business interests of the Fertittas, including Station Casinos and the UFC.

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TheLuckyMilkMan site profile image  

5/23/13 2:40 AM by TheLuckyMilkMan

the culinary union seems like the WORST kind of thugs. force, lies, coersion, deception, going after peoples kids at their schools for fuks sake!!... making members vote with non anonymos ballots is pretty much tyranical. they know how you vote and take revenge accordingly. may they burn.

jasonhightower site profile image  

5/23/13 2:16 AM by jasonhightower

Team Zuffa.

Tat2tillidie site profile image  

5/23/13 2:12 AM by Tat2tillidie

Insulators union , my dad got asbestos and had 250 hrs left to retire and they wouldn't let him be shop steward till hi time was up they basically laid him off and ran him dry till he couldn't pay his union dues then they took everything , now he's dying a miserable death and has nothing to show for it ... Lawsuit is pending on his asbestos case ...

Jaybrone site profile image  

5/23/13 1:23 AM by Jaybrone

Slow down Will Hunting.

Jaybrone site profile image  

5/23/13 12:46 AM by Jaybrone

As I and others have posted the Station Casino employees have voted against unionizing more than once. This all about the CU wanting big dollars in annual dues. Station group currently employs thousands if they unionized the union would make big bank off the dues. Do some unions do good and provide a valuable service? Damn straight. Do all unions suck and are they all greedy and put the union ahead of employees? Not at all. But this union is not looking out for anything but the coffers of the union leaders here IMO.

G-Hands site profile image  

5/22/13 4:32 PM by G-Hands

Collective bargaining is a good and necessary thing for a workforce.Abuse of collective bargaining powers by some unions is a really shitty thing.

Cyril Jeff site profile image  

5/22/13 3:37 PM by Cyril Jeff

  lost me at FDA, anyone that is A-OK with rodent feces in food, but AGAINST raw milk has to be reformed...

KingofBJJ site profile image  

5/22/13 3:27 PM by KingofBJJ

You are talking decades ago before the Republicans became more fundamental and started brithing radicals like the Tea Party. Besides you also forget that The Dems held the majority in both houses during both Reagan's and Bush Sr's terms, so not much could get accomplished even if they wanted it. It wasn't until the Gingrich years when the Republicans turned fundamental that they started their campaigns against FLSA and gerry mandering House districts to weaken Union demographics, while ensuring Republicans almost always keep the majority in the House (which they have achieved from 1994 until 2006, but got it back in 2010). In 2006 is when the Republicans started dividing themselves between Conservative wannabees and Reagan Republicans, which eventually birthed that Tea Party types, Birthers etc. From 2006 on the theme was "deregulation", which was the Republicans crusade to attack the FLSA, because they felt it cut into profits and was hurting businesses etc.  The second part of deregulation was to attack the EPA and other institutions, like the FDA and Consumer Affairs, which govern the safety of food products, cars, buildings and pollutants in the air and water. When you look at 1984, that is the Future that they want.  Coroporations uber alles.

JetSetter site profile image  

5/22/13 12:13 AM by JetSetter

Next time any of you retards come on this forum and start crying that the Diaz Douche brothers should be able to call people fags and not be punished you go back and read that site again. The scumbags at the Culinary union are using comments like that against the UFC by making multi million dollar advertisers take their ad money elsewhere. Everyone here thinks its so cool that the Diaz brothers act like gangsters and the union turns right around and uses it against them.

UGCTT_ Lay'n'PrayNINJA site profile image  

5/21/13 11:53 PM by UGCTT_ Lay'n'PrayNINJA

The Republican that Ronald Reagan was is NOTHING like the Republican of today. In my opinion anyway.