White's UFC 160 vlog, day 1


Today UFC President Dana White posted his first video blog for UFC 160 which features behind the scenes action from UFC 159.


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onandon site profile image  

5/22/13 6:16 AM by onandon

Is it just me or does Dana sound different??

Jesus KO'd stayrad site profile image  

5/22/13 6:09 AM by Jesus KO'd stayrad

Why they are friends. Trained together etcThe money had been taken from pat it was gone ! I'm no fan of Brian but dude didn't steal money from pat

diggity site profile image  

5/22/13 6:03 AM by diggity

Chael.... He got a new fan in me. Seriously legit nice dude.

Da Ghost site profile image  

5/22/13 3:40 AM by Da Ghost


TitosPressConference site profile image  

5/22/13 3:33 AM by TitosPressConference

Apparently this is the first behind the scenes vlog you've seen. That's what they do. They show the losers backstage. You can hear Dana's video guy saying he wasn't with "the press." Can't stand comments like this. Trying to act like they know everything and correct a poster while having no idea what they are talking about.

Tru site profile image  

5/22/13 2:07 AM by Tru

cool to see bisping working with Chute Boxe West Coast Team.  Noticed he was doing kicks in the locker room pre fight with Coach Gearson who was a student with wand, shogun, pele and all those guys in brazil.  Maybe he will get that killer instict back.

the geek site profile image  

5/22/13 1:38 AM by the geek

Tell me about it haha. I think the emotion leading up to the fight and after the fight is one of the most powerful things to capture. The fighters must feel every range of emotion possible in the day of the fight, I think that's an area that doesn't get captured enough. These Vlogs do an amazing job pulling us into the "feel" of the moment. I would love to spend the day following a fighter the day of the event, beginning to end, just trying to photograph that range of emotions, let the fans experience those emotions along with the fighter.Man, I love these Vlogs, goosebumps indeed Cindy, goosebumps indeed! Get's the inspirational juices flowing (beep).

Mojo514 site profile image  

5/22/13 12:21 AM by Mojo514

Bisping jus turns around n says 'fuck u guys' to his camp lol, n i got more respect for Jon Jones after that fight

SecretSeraphim site profile image  

5/21/13 9:41 PM by SecretSeraphim

Joe Silva used to be camera shy.  I love hearing from the guy.

SecretSeraphim site profile image  

5/21/13 9:41 PM by SecretSeraphim

Joe Silva used to be camera shy.  I love hearing from the guy.