Mousasi wants Belfort fight at middleweight


Gegard Mousasi debuted in the UFC with a less than impressive win over Iliar Latifi at the UFC on Fuel TV 9 in April. Since then he has expressed an interest to move back down to middleweight and is looking for a high profile fight:

"There's a big chance that I will go to middleweight," Mousasi revealed to "It all depends on the fights that I'm going to get. If I'm going to get a big name at middleweight, I'll probably go down.

"It's all about matchups. Let's say they're going to give me somebody like Vitor Belfort that's maybe a contender. That's the kind of fight I want."

Mousasi fought much of his early career in Japan at middleweight, and easily tipped the scales at 204 pounds without cutting weight for his UFC debut.

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Bucephalus site profile image  

5/24/13 4:09 AM by Bucephalus

I just came.

LyotoBundy site profile image  

5/23/13 10:51 PM by LyotoBundy

Vitor is a bulldozer at the moment. You gotta be serious about a fight with him right now.

pulsar site profile image  

5/23/13 9:00 PM by pulsar

No. Not yet. Let Vitor challenge Anderson again first and Gegard have a crack at the LHW championship. Only after both have maybe lost to the champs in the respective divisions, then this fight is good.

[OGTT]naughtiiDawg site profile image  

5/23/13 8:54 PM by [OGTT]naughtiiDawg

Mousasi mousasi mo-sazzy

DaemonDragon site profile image  

5/23/13 7:55 PM by DaemonDragon

Thing is, from what I've seen, Vitor doesn't even want to fight Anderson again. He avoids the question when asked about a rematch.I have no idea who else he could fight though. Gegard is likely still out for some time after his ACL surgery. I cannot think of a logical next oppnonent for Vitor, him and Anderson together have pretty much cleaned the division out completely.

[OGTT]naughtiiDawg site profile image  

5/23/13 8:29 AM by [OGTT]naughtiiDawg

Anthony pettis disagree!

choadler site profile image  

5/23/13 7:22 AM by choadler

I agree vitor deserves a shot, but he would be on the shelf waiting for it. He should take a fight. Title fights always take longer to come around, so fuck it. Take the fight.

Fade7 site profile image  

5/23/13 1:39 AM by Fade7

^^He's only 27, I can def see him being MW champ after Andy and reigning for a long time.Mousasi Highlight

[OGTT]naughtiiDawg site profile image  

5/23/13 12:27 AM by [OGTT]naughtiiDawg

Mousassi regardless!!! Mousassi is the next champ/ after andy... Weidman's soul will leave his body when he fights andy!