Bigfoot Silva: Bout stopped early, several blows illegal


Reffing mixed martial arts may be one of the hardest job in sports, but fighters still expect the people paid to make decisions inside the octagon to do it correctly in fairly. At UFC 160 Antonio Silva was rocked by a Velasquez right hand, who immediately followed it with some hard shots to the head of Silva. Silva was not out, but the ref deemed that he was not sucessfully defending himself and called the bout, a decision Silva disagrees with:

"I do agree the fight was stopped too early," Silva said in the event's post-fight press conference. "My way of thinking is that the same that applies to athletes who are penalized when they do something wrong or illegal, should also apply to referees when they do something wrong. They, too, should be penalized. 

"I don't want to say too much, I'd rather you each just watch the fight's playback," he continued. "It's clear watching it that I took several illegal blows to the back of my neck. The referee explained to me that the first illegal blow should be a warning that should be issued. The second should be penalized on points. In seeing the playback, you can see that I took several illegal blows to the back of my neck."

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Tombmatter site profile image  

5/28/13 9:39 AM by Tombmatter

Yamasaki saw what treatment Mazzagatti got when he made the company's favourite follow the rules in Lesnar vs Mir, and had no desire to go through it himself.That said, Cain won the fight, no doubt.

14thepages site profile image  

5/28/13 9:17 AM by 14thepages

It's easy. Don't want the fight to be stopped? Get up, roll, grab a leg, or something. Laying there taking punches, or knees (I.e. Matt Serra) is going to get the fight stopped 10 out of 10 times. Mario saved BF from getting brain damage.

jsdaugh34 site profile image  

5/28/13 9:17 AM by jsdaugh34

No. He took a jab,right straight combo that made him buckle. Cain jump on him and started pounding the sides of his head, there was only one hit that I can see that was the back of the head, but it was clearly because bigfoot was moving to avoid the blows, not intentional. When Bigfoot tried to get up, he fell flat on his face. Fight over.

Winston Wolf site profile image  

5/28/13 8:37 AM by Winston Wolf

Bigfoot had Cain right where he wanted

panthonyjr site profile image  

5/28/13 6:02 AM by panthonyjr

Look at that fucking combo

Kazp306 site profile image  

5/27/13 5:25 PM by Kazp306


Jack_Bauer site profile image  

5/27/13 3:59 PM by Jack_Bauer

LOL the back of the head is supposed to be the size of an index card, but apparently Bigfoot has one one the size of a pillow case that extends all the way to his neck. Cool. He took one illegal blow to the back of the head in the middle of the onslaught, and the only reason it hit him there is because he decided to turtle up. Cain has some of the most precise strikes on the ground. Cain was hitting him in the side of the head and he turned his head so that it would hit him in the back of the head instead, which it did once. It happens all the time. That being said, I have no problem with a rematch due to the "early stoppage." I'm sure Cain doesn't either, it's another easy payday. And I'm also sure Cain would not have minded punching Bigfoot 10 more times to put him out cold if the ref really wanted him to. Don't blame Cain.

Unwariestpickle site profile image  

5/27/13 1:17 PM by Unwariestpickle

Illegal blows? Nope. Stopped early? I'll give you that.

DeWebb site profile image  

5/27/13 4:39 AM by DeWebb

I counted two maybe illegal blows, the last two, which was where when he ref was already trying to stop it.Nowt wrong with that.

ConditJustGSPeedHisPants site profile image  

5/27/13 3:21 AM by ConditJustGSPeedHisPants