JDS: Spinning kick was 'amazing'


 “He’s very dangerous in the stand-up, but I trusted my hands. I came there to knock him out. I believe I can knock out anyone,” Dos Santos stated, pointing to the spinning wheel kick he used to set up the stoppage as evidence. “I never felt very confident to do that before, but I trained for it in the gym. Today I felt way faster than him, so I tried it and was amazing. It wasn’t very well connected, so when he went down, I enjoyed it.”

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LyotoBundy site profile image  

5/27/13 11:23 PM by LyotoBundy

JDS knocks out Mark Hunt and people criticize the fact that he did it with a wheel kick which didn't land 100% flush. Good lord, UG perfectionists. It's Mark Hunt, who the fuck KO's Hunto? Nevermind the fact that a HW pre-dominant boxer did it.

OuTkAsTTTTT69 site profile image  

5/27/13 10:33 PM by OuTkAsTTTTT69

This exactly.

ausgepicht site profile image  

5/27/13 9:50 PM by ausgepicht


SLUGSHOT_331 site profile image  

5/27/13 8:43 PM by SLUGSHOT_331

The fact that it was a heavyweight who threw it makes it more impressive IMO.

ManWithTheIronFists site profile image  

5/27/13 5:21 PM by ManWithTheIronFists

On the replay it showed that he hit him with the calf, but also the heel on the top of the forehead clipped him as well. Not sure how much that would contribute to hurting him as the forehead is probably the hardest part of the head. Still impressed to see a HW pull that kind of move off. Not sure why everyone is acting like it wasn't impressive even if it didn't land flush.

PatrickVilone site profile image  

5/27/13 4:45 PM by PatrickVilone

When I saw it live I was speechless. But after the replay I wasn't too amazed. Just being honest. I don't think the kick landed good at all. Surprised that even knocked Hunt down. But I think hunt was beyond gassed at that point.Not taking anything away from Juniors amazing performance. But I was not impressed by the spinning calf kick.

Soup Nazi site profile image  

5/27/13 3:27 PM by Soup Nazi

amazing indeed it was

OnlyTheStrongSurvive site profile image  

5/27/13 2:19 PM by OnlyTheStrongSurvive

I wonder how much of Junior's patience in this one was growth from the Nelson fight and how much was having to be more than tactical against Hunt

OnlyTheStrongSurvive site profile image  

5/27/13 2:18 PM by OnlyTheStrongSurvive

It doesn't matter what Ariel does the UG will have a problem with him. Remember this board celebrated and thought it was awesome when Dana was a jerk to him for asking a simple question about Diaz's no show