Benson Henderson surprised to be facing Grant next


The one person watching the UFC 160 bout between TJ Grant and Gray Maynard with the most vested interested was undoubtedly lightweight champion Benson Henderson. He of course, was already committed to fight the winner in his next title defense. However, even he was suprised at the outcome:

"I am a little bit surprised. I think most people had Gray winning. Most people picked Gray to win and not only did T.J. prove everyone wrong, but in the manner and in the fashion that he did it, pretty impressive performance for him. I did (think Maynard was going to win). I thought Gray was going to be the next guy I faced. I was already kind of preparing for that and now I got a new guy to prepare for.

I don't know a whole lot about T.J. to be honest. I know he's 5-0 at 155 now, he used to be a 170 pounder. From what I've seen of him, from the promos and highlights and stuff, he doesn't seem too flashy. He's one of those guys, a grinder, good fundamentals and solid. It is going to be my job to learn about him the next month or so to get ready for him."

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Acidic site profile image  

5/28/13 3:53 PM by Acidic

Dont think Pettis has ever beaten anyone that was top 5 in the UFC. He beat cerrone but Cerrone wasnt top 5 imo

Williambonney site profile image  

5/28/13 3:34 PM by Williambonney

WTF is the UFCs problem with Showtime whey do they refuse to give him his title shot (that he should have gotten when he first came over) and keep leapfrogging less deserving fighters over him

ZombiedKoreanTurnipHead site profile image  

5/28/13 3:25 PM by ZombiedKoreanTurnipHead

Unfortunately this.

KingofBJJ site profile image  

5/28/13 3:03 PM by KingofBJJ

I'm sure he would if you ask Dana to present some cans for him.  Otherwise the type of competition most guys in this weight class face are far to elusive and rascally to finish.

Yelm site profile image  

5/28/13 10:47 AM by Yelm

I am not surprised to read this at all.  I keep up on fighters fairly well and rarely am I as shocked as I was when I saw Grant ko Maynard (the only other super shocking moment for me was Nate destrying Cowbaoy).     I think Grant is a terrible match up for Bendo.  I am definitely looking forward to a war.

[OGTT]naughtiiDawg site profile image  

5/28/13 10:40 AM by [OGTT]naughtiiDawg

He was huge compare to maynard! Unusual for gray to be the smaller fighter

Boobiemiles1986 site profile image  

5/28/13 10:27 AM by Boobiemiles1986

Grant is really hard not to like. I think he really fucked with Gray head after he took shone big shits from gray then just started talking shit and pushing forward. He is a awesome finisher. 

[OGTT]naughtiiDawg site profile image  

5/28/13 10:04 AM by [OGTT]naughtiiDawg

That's kinda "disrespectful" counting out grant! Will only motivate grant more

MMALOGIC site profile image  

5/28/13 9:34 AM by MMALOGIC

Grant is a beast and a horrible style matchup for decision fighters.

El Ninja site profile image  

5/28/13 9:30 AM by El Ninja

If, and i say if, Bendo beats TJ, a sub would be the least likely method imo. TJ's BJJ is top notch; methinks he's taking the belt via matching Hendersons pace leading to TKO stoppage.