Healy: It's my own fault


Pat Healy tested positive for marijuana metabolites after his UFC 159 win over Jim Miller and subsequently was suspended by the UFC and lost $130,00 in bonus checks he would have earned if his tests came back clean. Yesterday he finally broke his silence on the situation to Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour:

"I don't know where I stand, if it's going to drop me quite a bit," Healy said. "I just want to get back there as soon as I can, if it's the middle of the pack, it is what it is, I'm happy to work my way up and put in a performance that gets people to forget about this fiasco."

One thing Healy won't do is blame others, or the system, for his actions.

"When you mess up, all you can do is step up and own it," he said. "I wish I could blame someone else, but it's my own fault. It's my own bad choices. So, I gotta be a man about this. It sucks and it's embarrassing and it's not something I want my name involved with it, but it is what it is now and I have to be a man about it."

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Dumbass JoeMimic site profile image  

5/29/13 4:37 AM by Dumbass JoeMimic

People are giving him props because in this day and age when a lot of pro athletes get popped they do nothing but make excuses.It's always I took a tainted supplement or some other BS. It's a change from the norm which is why I think he's getting so much love for his demeanor.

Hong Kong Phooey site profile image  

5/29/13 1:07 AM by Hong Kong Phooey


StretchPlum site profile image  

5/28/13 11:44 PM by StretchPlum

"MayorPirkle - I love how the prevalent mentality on here is "I disagree with the rule, therefore he did nothing wrong". What world do you people live in?"You're being overly generous. I think most people on the thread don't have the analytical capability to compartmentalize the two concepts. They think that by saying he made a mistake and showed poor judgment in his choice, he is thereby saying marijuana should be a banned substance.

Nucky site profile image  

5/28/13 11:31 PM by Nucky

How dare he smoke a joint or two instead of drinking legal beer and driving home from the club.

2xAA site profile image  

5/28/13 11:30 PM by 2xAA

LOL @ everybody calling giving him props for owning upyou goofs make it seem like healy's some god for being a NORMAL person

PeaceThroughStrength site profile image  

5/28/13 10:47 PM by PeaceThroughStrength

I agree 100%. I should've read this post before posting mine.As far as Caraway,he didn't doing anything wrong by excepting the sub of the night money.It's easy to say he did Pat wrong since a lot of fans don't like him,but I doubt the majority of people that say Caraway shouldn't have taken it,would them self turn that money down.

PeaceThroughStrength site profile image  

5/28/13 10:40 PM by PeaceThroughStrength

Good for Healy,he's doing what all adults should do. It's a shame that we don't see more personal responsibility from adults.Pat taking all the blame and not blaming anyone else shouldn't even be a big deal,it should be the norm.When an adult makes a mistake he should take responsibility.I don't care if a grown man or woman smokes weed,but that means nothing to the commission. Rules are rules regardless of anyone's personal views.Until its no longer against the rules to smoke weed they will in force it,if not Whats the point of having rules?

duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

5/28/13 7:04 PM by duckhuntgangsta

Do you know who you're talking to?

Cthomas1985 site profile image  

5/28/13 6:29 PM by Cthomas1985

This. If your office has a rule that states "Do not enter through this door or you will be fined"Even if you think the rule is stupid, would you enter through that door? There's no excuse, you don't have to agree with the rules, but they are the rules. Pat Healy understands that and has said as much. Why can't some of you wrap your head around that?

Jsteven site profile image  

5/28/13 6:27 PM by Jsteven

Wow taking full responsibility for a stupid mistake? That's refreshing.