Rousey: Fighting Tate 'fated to happen'


Miesha Tate:
"It's unfortunate for Kat - her injury. But the UFC is all about opportunities. I was so stoked when I heard I was going to get the potential spot, to coach. Not only coach against Ronda, and our rivalry I thinks makes for better TV. And I get to fight her again. So I'm stoked all around."

Ronda Rousey:
"I've always respected Miesha as a fighter, and I've always respected her as an athlete. How we feel personally has nothing to do with that. I've said it wthin the same sentence 'I think she's totally legit, but I don't really feel bad about hitting her.' "

Miesah Tate:
"Ronda obviously is a phenomenal fighter. She's undefeated. As a person, I don't think she is quite as stellar."

Ronda Rousey:
"It's going to be really interesting for the fans that have been keeping up with me and Miesha's rivalry up to this point. And it'll be really exciting for people learning of it for the first time."

"I'm actually honored to be coaching opposite to her on the show. I think this is really what was fated to happen. And I'm really lucky to have a rival like her - if I didn't have her, around I would suffer."

Miesha Tate:
"I'm right on her heels. I want what she has. I want the UFC belt. I want to win the show. I want my team to win the show. I want to be able to say that, at the end of the day - look her in the face, and know I beat Ronda Rousey."

Now UFC president Dana White has officially revealed Miesha Tate as the new TUF coach:

Rousey previously likened the rivarly to Ali-Frazier.

"This is what we really wanted all along," said Rousey. "Everyone said an Ultimate Fighter between me and Miesha would be the best. We have a personal history with each other and this is a personal show. For some reason, I me and Miesha are intertwined in fate like Ali and Frazier or something like that.

"I think people will look back at this as one of monumental rivalries and look back at this as one of those things that really cemented women's MMA."


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flawlessvictory site profile image  

6/3/13 11:26 PM by flawlessvictory

It's going to her surgery costs now. Injury means she can't work and make $.

Bailx site profile image  

6/3/13 10:36 PM by Bailx

i had forgotten just how close that fight was...i was pulling for miesha over cat, because i thought it would make for better TV... but looking back... i think we are going to get another really great grappling match, which you just don't see enough of these days in the guys above comment was intended as sort of a joke. but i stand by it. i won't bet against honda until she fails to win via 1st. rnd. armbar... she gets it done... what else can you say.

GSPushedInMyStinkEye site profile image  

5/29/13 9:59 PM by GSPushedInMyStinkEye


Bailx site profile image  

5/29/13 9:40 PM by Bailx

sucks for Cat, but Tate will bring in the larger numbers I think... she is prettier... and like it or not... that will affect the numbers in some way... especially on a Reality TV show.we all had to deal with dudes wearing way too much spandex in the early days, maybe this is GOD saying... you have paid your dues my SON, now you can see women wear spandex and fight.:)I don't think Tate gets out of the first round with Rousey, but this is going to be a GREAT season of TUF! I don't see how it can't get the highest rating ever, unless somehow this FOX SPORTS 1 CHANNEL is NOT AVAILABLE to a lot of people (like FUEL TV).Honda, 1st rnd. armbar

JeffersonDArcyChoke site profile image  

5/29/13 5:18 PM by JeffersonDArcyChoke

Really they should have worked the Tate-Zingano fight. This reeks. Although I guess Cat Zingano can refund the money I donated to her on Fund A Fighter. It was to pay for her training camp. She won't need that now.

56sav site profile image  

5/29/13 4:55 PM by 56sav

Who cares about the fight? Let's just watch 'em get it on instead!! :-DNow that would be a female PPV I'd actually buy.

JamesDean57 site profile image  

5/29/13 10:07 AM by JamesDean57

Hate to hear about Kat's injury, but I really want to see these two fight again.

Meastt site profile image  

5/29/13 9:52 AM by Meastt

Well..... She's right, this was inevitable.