Phil Baroni's ankle comes apart at ONE FC


Phil Baroni is a beloved figure in mixed martial arts, and has fought since 2000. Now training at the famed AKA, "The New York Badass" was experiencing a resurgence of sorts, but came up short against Nobutatsu Suzuki at ONE FC 9.

Baroni was trying to avoid a flurry from Suzuki when his ankle gave out, appearing to dislocate, and the referee dove in to stop the fight.

A report via Twitter says Baroni dislocated his ankle and broke his fibula
Isaan Isaan ‏@IsaanMuaythai
@JamesGoyder was fight of the night @philbaroni dominated until his foot caught at the base of the cage dislocating ankle breaking tibia.

The UnderGround, and the entire sport, wish Baroni a full and fast recovery.

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KyokushinCatch site profile image  

6/3/13 3:01 AM by KyokushinCatch

tough luck for BaroniI disagree though, with the fight description of Phil dominating Suzuki before the breakI thought it was a close fight with both guys scoringthen the final flurry lit Phil up - honestly, it looked like the break happened as Phil was falling from the last crossSuzuki was a Kyokushin Karate BB before beginning training in MMA in '05

goldenboyart site profile image  

6/2/13 10:18 PM by goldenboyart

You're a fucking ASSHOLE yourself. You don't kick a person when they are down. Wishing him the worse is a douchbag thing to do.Talk about karma, well you just opened up a can of Karma that's going to whoop your ass.No matter how he acted it's not reason to wish him terrible things. He is a human being. OK, you don't like him. that's fine but your hatred shows your lack of character and YES that is fighter bashing and when he's down no less.You are a jerk. Grow up and act like a man, not like a little girl who has sand in her vagina.

caposa site profile image  

6/2/13 8:04 PM by caposa

What does this even mean?

chaplinshouse site profile image  

6/2/13 7:58 PM by chaplinshouse

i love how Bas and Kenny didn't even realize the ankle thing on insideMMA while showing the highlight.  

NHBStriker site profile image  

6/2/13 12:44 PM by NHBStriker

Well, hopefuly at some point Baroni will realize that just because he CAN treat somebody like shit doesn't make it okay to do it.In the short term though, if Baroni posts on this thread at all it will probably be with "WAAAH! WAAH!" or some shit, completely unapologetic about having behaved like a prick.

FightToLive site profile image  

6/2/13 9:54 AM by FightToLive

That is defiantly Broken!

AssAssassin site profile image  

6/2/13 9:37 AM by AssAssassin

Also not that this is any one's business and should be taken as only an anecdote from some random person on the internet (me).I am from NY and he was my favorite fighter. Ran into him once and asked for his autograph and said I was a big fan. He told me its good thing I am a fan because a little nerd like me would get beat up. He laughed at me turned around and never gave me an autograph, but he did periodically throughout the night toss insults at me.So I get angry when a bully attends anti-bully shit when he himself is a bully. So He completely lost me as a fan, and seeing his latest bully crap he does to random people on youtube.Sorry, but I wish the worst (not that any one's wishing one way or the other does anything, so why would wishing bad be considered an offense of any kind?)

AssAssassin site profile image  

6/2/13 9:28 AM by AssAssassin

Pretends to go anti-bullying events to promote anti-bullying.Acts like a bully in real life (locked some poor dudes keys in trunk in the middle of track) among many other dickish / bully type behaviors.For some reason I don't feel bad. I can only say Karma is a bitch. I hope your career ends. Fighter bashing? No I am bashing him as a human being and judging him for the content of his character and his actions. I don't care.

NiteProwleR site profile image  

6/2/13 12:26 AM by NiteProwleR


Jambo888 site profile image  

6/2/13 12:17 AM by Jambo888

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww