Liddell: I didn't want to retire, but it was right decision


With the retirement of Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, Randy Couture, Forrest Griffin, and others, an entire generation of fighters is almost gone.

At a recent fan Q&A session in Brazil Liddell, now UFC executive vice president of business development, discussed how hard it is to retire, and that it was the right decision.

"I talked to my family, my coaches, and then I went to Dana," said Liddell said. "I talked to Dana. Dana and I actually went to dinner, and he thought I was going to ask him to fight again. I came to dinner, and I said, 'You know what? I'm done.' He was relieved."

"Obviously he had made comments that he didn't want me to fight again. He was relieved, and then I asked him to just hold off for about three months and give me some time to get adjusted to it before I have to talk to people about it because it was a hard decision for me.

"I love fighting, and I didn't want to stop, but it was the right decision at the time between my coaches and my family."

There appears to be only one thing left that would bring Liddell back in the cage.

"I'd always like to hit Tito," Liddell joked. "That would always be fun, so that's a possibility, but I don't think that's going to happen.

"I think I made the right decision in retiring. Unless something changes, I'll stay retired."

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Arlovskis Chin site profile image  

6/1/13 7:06 PM by Arlovskis Chin

What's wrong with his chin? There's a MASSIVE difference between getting rocked like Maynard and getting slumped and knocked out. It was stopped because of punishment not because Gray was completely out

MasterofMartialArts site profile image  

6/1/13 7:01 PM by MasterofMartialArts

ThisBut Chuck went out fighting killers since day one. Dude is a legend.

Ip Man 81 site profile image  

6/1/13 6:55 PM by Ip Man 81

Jealous? Chuck is 10x's a better person, fighter and champion that Tito was/is. He also seams to have a great family and a pretty attractive women, while Tito has 2 kids with a dirty dirty whore. I doubt Chuck has much to be "jealous" about.

Steven S site profile image  

6/1/13 12:43 PM by Steven S

Chuck is still jealous of all the years Tito was pushed it's kind of funny. He just can't get his name out of his head and move on.

Heikki Mustola site profile image  

6/1/13 11:58 AM by Heikki Mustola

Its best for his health.. But I do respect his love for fighting, man clearly wants to fight but nevertheless, health is very precious thing for all of us.And as for that Maynard comment... Come on.

ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

6/1/13 11:03 AM by ranier wolfcastle

i ws thinking he should fight 1 last time vs someone with no ko power, win, and retire

2xAA site profile image  

6/1/13 10:21 AM by 2xAA

yes true.....but maynard was always praised for having a decent look at him

2xAA site profile image  

6/1/13 10:19 AM by 2xAA

u watch maynard vs TJ last week..........your a clown RIGHT?

Dodge135 site profile image  

5/31/13 5:57 PM by Dodge135

Until Tito

Anderson's BBC in my Goku site profile image  

5/31/13 5:53 PM by Anderson's BBC in my Goku

Go listen up grays recent interviews. Not. Good.