Silva talks new 10-fight deal finalized


Anderson Silva has been fighting in the UFC since 2006 amassing a perfect 16-0 record inside the Octagon. At 38 years old, Silva is not sure he'll fight six more years, he did confirm he recently signed a new 10-fight contract with the UFC.

"Maybe there's a contradiction lost in translation," Silva told ( through an interpreter. "I wanted to do four more fights, and they said eight, so I said, 'Whatever. Let's do eight, 10. Let's do however many fights you want.' They got on that ride and offered me 10 fights, and that's what I signed."

"It all depends," Silva said. "Ten fights is about six years, so we'll see what happens in the meantime. I hope that I'm still inspired and that I still have the will power and the desire to go out there and fight. But I'm happy.

"I'm well-treated by Dana and Lorenzo (Fertitta) and everyone in the UFC, and I hope to continue having this desire to fight and go in there and train. But it's a matter of time. We have to go in there and see what's going to happen in the next few years."

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The Last Emperor site profile image  

6/3/13 1:24 PM by The Last Emperor

No shit. The contract is to make sure he finishes his career in the UFC and is not legally allowed to fight elsewhere when he retires. Dana and Zuffa are covering their business asses.

luctaro site profile image  

6/2/13 2:03 PM by luctaro

Undisclosed PPV money. How does it work???

Mojo514 site profile image  

6/2/13 1:52 PM by Mojo514

lol he makes more money than anybody in the UFC, he's #1 pound for pound n undefeated in the UFC, he makes a shitload of money for showing up n winning a fight, plus bonuses, plus sponsors, plus commercial money, probly gets money for being in the UFC game, action figures, paid to train ppl, n a lot more, n he's gonna make twice as much the more he fights

Mojo514 site profile image  

6/2/13 1:46 PM by Mojo514


StringerBell site profile image  

6/2/13 1:46 PM by StringerBell

BwahahahaIs that a stack on Danas head?

Mojo514 site profile image  

6/2/13 1:32 PM by Mojo514

10 more fights?!?!?! Fuck yeh!, GOAT now, and he'll b known as the UFC God when he's done, the best pound 4 pound there ever will b

Anderson P. Sonnen site profile image  

6/2/13 6:02 AM by Anderson P. Sonnen

Oh you know nightkap, polarizing means unstoppable within only 5 yeara of fighting. /sarcasm

UGCTT_nightkap site profile image  

6/2/13 5:45 AM by UGCTT_nightkap

Hell no--meh--do u know what polarizing means?

Anderson P. Sonnen site profile image  

6/2/13 1:31 AM by Anderson P. Sonnen

Indeed. Thing is, we've seen Anderson have some pretty meh moments, but the latter shows otherwise. The way he has completely destroyed very skilled fighters is why he was the underdog. Sure, he hasn't really "proved himself at light heavy, but it's the way he dismantled those he did face. Who's to say he wouldn't have done the same to any other 205er? I'm a huge Silva pube brusher, but the only fights i'm interested in seeing him in now, Is:Weidman (Inevidible)Jones (highly likely at the moment)Other fights I wouldn't mind seeing for him (if need be) :Hendo IIChael IIIVitor III think if Georges moves up, is ready, and so is Andy, I woild definitely watch.

GSPushedInMyStinkEye site profile image  

6/2/13 1:21 AM by GSPushedInMyStinkEye

^^^ yes, and that includes ALL of his UFC fights; both MW and LHW.