Mayhem: One fight I wish I had was Nick Diaz


Appearing on yesterday's The MMA Hour, Jason 'Mayhem' Miller spoke on a myriad of topics, including how the UFC dragged out his knee surgery, and ended up not covering it, and the one fighter he wish he had met in the cage:

On the status of his left knee, which needs surgery: [The UFC] pretended they were going to give me the surgery, and they started acting like they were going to fix my leg. They went back and they dragged it out until my insurance coverage expired. So I couldn't get the surgery. ... Same one I hurt in the fight. If you're walking around with no ACL for one year, Kobe Bryant is a p***y.... I'm walking around like the hunchback of Notre Dame over there. That's the problem. I got so used to ignoring pain over the years from doing the job that I did, and that is a bit of genetics because my dad's done the same thing, then, try to work out? Nope.

On the one fight he never got and wish he had: The obvious answer is Nick Diaz, right? I was trying to get that fight a long time ago. And we were all going back and forth and angry at each other. I think I understand Nick Diaz very well. I think I can understand the some of the points he's trying to make. I know what he's saying, he's expressing frustration with his job and with the way the've handled the promotion of him and the way they carted him around to things he didn't want to do. I get it. I get what he's trying to say, how he doesn't feel respected despite how big his accomplishments are. He didn't feel respected, he didn't feel anyone was looking out for him.

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BuddyRevell site profile image  

6/5/13 10:04 PM by BuddyRevell

Nah, he was just dumb enough to bang a psycho/gold digger for sport.

Harlem Savoy site profile image  

6/5/13 3:01 AM by Harlem Savoy

He does take them.

EKPOGI site profile image  

6/5/13 2:45 AM by EKPOGI

this.he isn't a pussy.he is a rapist though

[OGTT]naughtiiDawg site profile image  

6/5/13 2:18 AM by [OGTT]naughtiiDawg


OnlyTheStrongSurvive site profile image  

6/5/13 2:16 AM by OnlyTheStrongSurvive

Would have been like the Bisping fight only worse

Spinelock site profile image  

6/5/13 2:08 AM by Spinelock

He looked fucking TERRIBLE in his last fight.

hustlewestbrook site profile image  

6/5/13 2:05 AM by hustlewestbrook

I guess since he's retired it's not fighter bashing, right?

Sid22 site profile image  

6/5/13 1:52 AM by Sid22

Diaz wouldve tkod mayhem...Diaz TKOs anyone who wants to fight...

Leghound site profile image  

6/5/13 12:53 AM by Leghound

  LOL...and I showed mercy by keeping my comment that short  

Chulio site profile image  

6/5/13 12:37 AM by Chulio

Around the time Jason fought GSP and beat Lawlor he was pretty good but that was a long time ago. I used to think he was funny but he never quits, may need medsDepending on the sport you can get by without an ACL, I ran many marathons & Ironman's without mineBut you can't walk with a Achilles tear no matter how tough you are. Calling Kobe a pussy was stupid