Weidman volunteered to fight Jones at UFC 151


 UFC 151 is the answer to what is sure to be an MMA trivia question: which was the only UFC PPV to ever be cancelled? UFC 151 was planned for September 1st, 2012 and featured a light heavyweight title fight between Jon Jones and Dan Henderson. However, eight days prior to the event, Dan Henderson withdrew from an injury and with no suitable replacement, the event was cancelled. Middleweight number one contender Chris Weidman, however did his best to save the event, volunteering himself to fight Jones:

I'm the type of guy that loves big opportunities. I like when the cards are against me, and people think that I have no chance. I believe in myself, so when that fight came out that it was in jeopardy, I called my manager and asked if there was a possibility that I could get the fight because I think I could take it. He was like, 'Really?' and I was like, 'Yeah.' He said give me a couple days, and I told him I was ready to go.

So, he called Joe Silva, and he was like, 'Are you kidding me?' I think Joe liked the fact that I did that. So he said he wasn't going to tell Dana and them unless I called my coaches to make sure it was all 100%. I called Matt and told him that I wanted to this. They were all on board, so I called back my manager, and he tells Joe Silva, and he thought it was awesome, so he called Dana White, but then they ended up throwing the fight out, and then the whole card out. I was all ready to go [laughs]. I ran straight to the gym and started working out.

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LILBROCK site profile image  

6/6/13 10:10 PM by LILBROCK

Because Lyoto has actually been able to earn a shot at the LHW belt and taking it on short notice and losing for the second time would mean he never gets a chance again while Jones is champ. Chael, Vitor, Weidman, and any MW would take the fight because it's the only humanly possible way they will ever fight for the LHW belt. It is impossible for any of them to win multiple LHW fights in a row against top guys and earn it.I've never fought pro in my life but I'd fight Anderson or GSP in a UFC main event on PPV for $1M too. It doesn't make me a warrior. It would be awesome to have that experience and money while doing something I'll never be able to earn on my own. Same as Chael, Weidman, or Vitor at LHW.

TJGTT_Halichap site profile image  

6/6/13 10:00 PM by TJGTT_Halichap

Me neither. I don't get the hype either.

Augustus Caesar site profile image  

6/6/13 9:43 PM by Augustus Caesar

I don't understand the hate either, he seems like the nicest guy ever and he complements Anderson in like every interview.

KrzyBnzJnz site profile image  

6/6/13 9:31 PM by KrzyBnzJnz

I can explain the Weidman hate.Some Anderson Silva fans, like myself, are having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that Weidman has a good chance of winning. We're scared.

Phisher site profile image  

6/6/13 8:52 PM by Phisher

It's not a negative, but it's not really a positive either. Plenty of mid and low card fighters would step up on short notice for a high profile fight that's essentially a no lose situation.

Glovegate site profile image  

6/6/13 8:50 PM by Glovegate

Being willing to fight Jones and Anderson is "meh" to you. Lmao, what's your problem?  What do you get out of being such a prick?

time traveling 12er site profile image  

6/6/13 8:49 PM by time traveling 12er

Probably a moot point since JBJ would have probably turned the fight down on his side.

Unwariestpickle site profile image  

6/6/13 8:33 PM by Unwariestpickle

So three MW's offered to step up and fight? Yet not a single LHW?So why are people somehow offended that Jones last two fights have been MW's? Cheal and Weidman stepped up to fight on a weeks notice, and Vitor did what Machida wouldn't on three weeks notice.

big_roy_fan site profile image  

6/6/13 8:29 PM by big_roy_fan

what a warrior.. weidman is a true mixed martial artists

REDRUM_NYC site profile image  

6/6/13 8:13 PM by REDRUM_NYC

Old news... It would have been a crazy idea to fight Bones with no camp but if he gets him down he will sub Bones