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When The Underground debuted in 1998, the sport was so new it didn't have a name. I had registered and and a few others. The name i wanted was, but Disney beat me to it by a few weeks. New England Submission Fighting was the gym name, so we went with for the website.

At some point I ignored emails from Network Solutions, and lost So we moved to Then UFC became, so we became Then UFC became, so we went back to

I have done a lot of dumb things, but that one bothers me every time I am on the internet, which is a lot.

So I felt a rush of empathy when it popped up on Reddit that had expired.

This domain name expired on 06/05/2013 and is pending renewal or deletion.

Registered through:, LLC
Created on: 05-Jun-02
Expires on: 05-Jun-13
Last Updated on: 17-Oct-09
Technical Contact:
Rebney, Bjorn
Bellator Sport Worldwide LLC
445 N. Wells, Suite 401, Chicago, Illinois 60654,  United States

It is a safe bet it is pending renewal, not deletion! :-)

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Jack Skellington site profile image  

6/6/13 3:39 PM by Jack Skellington

ahaha, atta boy!

blupitt site profile image  

6/6/13 3:36 PM by blupitt

I hope.

liquidrob site profile image  

6/6/13 3:07 PM by liquidrob

MMALOGIC said this would eventually happen 17 months ago

luctaro site profile image  

6/6/13 3:07 PM by luctaro

No uproar my fren. Just little bit of fun time in a slow news day. Sites domains get expired and renewed all the time.

Kenso site profile image  

6/6/13 3:01 PM by Kenso

What's with the uproar. Both sites are working fine.

Humphrey site profile image  

6/6/13 11:52 AM by Humphrey

it's not like it expires then goes out to the public.they have probably 60 days to rewnew it, or at least 30, before it goes into redemption, and then it's another couple months. when a domain expires, depending on the registrar it take anywhere from 3 to 6 months before it could be bought by anyone but the original owner. it goes from expired, to redemption, then out to the pool. the only difference is redemption is extremely expensive. eg: normal reg fee, 10 bucks. expires, stays that 10 bucks for at least a month, then into redemption where it can be $300 or more, but still reserved. it's at a parked page because that's the default when a domain expires. it doens't mean anything. they renew and it's back online in 10 minutes. the problem is NORMALLY procedure. a company buys a domain and nobody pays attention to it again, people quit/get fired etc. sometimes they register with an email address that no longer works, or they can't login etc. semantics.that's not global, but godaddy, enom, verisign etc all have very similar time frames, and they might be required to be that long, but it's not like someone can lose a domain in a week if it expires.this happens all the time. it happened to and in the past. i've done it too. registerd a domain and paid for 10 years. then forgot about it completely and it expired. the difference is registrars have no leeway. the moment it expires it switches DNS to a parked page

RicGillespie site profile image  

6/6/13 11:50 AM by RicGillespie

I tired as well on my desktop and neither site has any content. Is one of them suppose to be the official Bellator site?

TDogg926 site profile image  

6/6/13 11:47 AM by TDogg926

I literally just went to both site and neither worked. IDK what's up with your phone, but for the rest of us none Bellator insiders, it isn't working :(

Bellator Fan site profile image  

6/6/13 11:42 AM by Bellator Fan

I can view the mobile on my cell just fine

Pessimist_Pete site profile image  

6/6/13 11:37 AM by Pessimist_Pete