Some fool stole GSP's car


Georges St-Pierre@GeorgesStPierre
My car got stolen last week, first time this happened to me- I wish I could have caught the guy while he was doing it!!

Naturally, the UG responded with a massive outpouring of sympathy:
•LILBROCK: Waits for 'he would have layed on them until the cops got there' comments
•BobbyDigital420: oh, so wait, is this him tweeting or did he contact his social media team and tell them to post this?
•Best Chris Ever: Shocked no one said "maybe he could have finished that fight"
•WickedWyatt234: He can just buy another one.
•john joe: hopefully this ends in a judge's decision
•Ryan Williams: I also have a takedown on GSP I was at Mandalay bay in the wave pool body surfing and I ran into him and knocked him down. Me and my buddy were like oh shit I'm dead. He was cool about it though.
•UGCTT_SidRival: I really hope Prebek makes a video about this.
•Ryan Williams: I was wondering why that car stalled when I stole it! J/k don't get butthurt
•cheesesteak: Poor guy would have been superman punched into bolivia

Even CM Punk piled on, via Twitter

CM Punk @CMPunk
@GeorgesStPierre so was your car stolen, or was the person who tweets for you get their car stolen? Strictly for law enforcement...

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FightToLive site profile image  

6/7/13 7:58 PM by FightToLive

When my vehicle was stolen...... The Insurance adjuster said she thought I set it up? 2 weeks later they found it on an Indian reserve in Brantford Ontario! At least you have $$$$ to buy another one! I got screwed!

Entreri site profile image  

6/7/13 7:27 PM by Entreri


BobbyDigital420 site profile image  

6/7/13 7:16 PM by BobbyDigital420


Lightroom site profile image  

6/7/13 7:01 PM by Lightroom

In for the animation ha

BadrMilk site profile image  

6/7/13 5:09 PM by BadrMilk

Eee, he mast be kraisee in ees eed man.

mmabmt site profile image  

6/7/13 5:02 PM by mmabmt

LOL yes I'm obviously not Canadian and have never heard of Montreal. You are obviously French or 12 by your post.Statistically where I live is the most dangerous place in the country. Montreal is way down on the list.Statistically, the odds of getting shot in Canada are extremely low, unless you are involved in a gang.

DatSpider site profile image  

6/7/13 3:05 PM by DatSpider

Damn, the robber better watch out for Georges' dark place.

Dos Huevos Gigante site profile image  

6/7/13 2:40 PM by Dos Huevos Gigante

Was popping in to post this. We forget the lesson Alex Gong taught us.

Ironhouse site profile image  

6/7/13 1:30 PM by Ironhouse

I wonder if his driver was in the car when it got hijacked...

Ironhouse site profile image  

6/7/13 1:29 PM by Ironhouse

"@GeorgesStPierre so was your car stolen, or was the person who tweets for you get their car stolen? Strictly for law enforcement..." Punk simply doesn't give a sh!t