Cormier: Next fight my last at heavyweight


Daniel Cormer won the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix and successfully made his UFC debut at heavyweight, defeating Frank Mir my decision. Cormier had previously stated he was considering a move to light heavyweight, but it seems now the decision is made:

"This is it, my next fight will be my last at heavyweight," Cormier told "I want to try to fight a little lighter this time, and by the end of this year or early next year, I will fight my first fight at 205 pounds.

"I've gotten my plan together, and I'm tackling it head-on so I will be able to [cut weight] in the right way and feel pretty good competing. It's obviously going to be a process and not an easy process, but I'm willing to take that challenge. I want to be champion."

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2xAA site profile image  

6/8/13 12:32 PM by 2xAA

talking as a wrestlerSTFU daniel and do it already

Mark Hunts Pet Monkey site profile image  

6/7/13 7:38 PM by Mark Hunts Pet Monkey

How much actual fat does he carry around? Losing fat will be relatively easy if he is determined, but after that...

Forssberg site profile image  

6/7/13 7:27 PM by Forssberg

Coming from a man that looks to be 30 pounds overweight, this issue of losing 15 pounds of fat sounds extremely contrived.

Kentpaul site profile image  

6/7/13 7:02 PM by Kentpaul

Perfect response gif :)

Seats Taken site profile image  

6/7/13 6:47 PM by Seats Taken

I believe somewhere around here is a thread with a direct quote from DW saying that he could have an immediate shot at the title. I wish I wasn't mobile so I could search.

SupesUp site profile image  

6/7/13 6:43 PM by SupesUp

This is much more productive than just randomly taking shots at Jones. Very excited to see how this all goes down.

UGSlapshot site profile image  

6/7/13 6:32 PM by UGSlapshot

I hope not because the reason he didn't just drop down in the first place is because he's afraid he can't make 205 and retain his core strength.Jones will wreck him regardless but I think it looks a lot less competitive at light heavyweight.

MMALOGIC site profile image  

6/7/13 6:30 PM by MMALOGIC

1) so he doesnt eliminate a contender for Cain.2) so he can prove he can beat a top 205lber before taking on jones.3) so either Gustaffson or Glover can prove they can beat a top wrestler before taking on jones.cormier vs Glover at a catchweight makes all the sense in the world.You have a limited amount of contenders at HW as it is.If not Glover... The winner of Rashad/HEndo also works (especially if it's hendo).

marvelous harvin mangler site profile image  

6/7/13 6:24 PM by marvelous harvin mangler

A huge mistake imo. DC is an awesome fighter but he will lose his best advantage, speed and conditioning. That is the reason smaller guys like Fedor, DC, Velasquez , and even Nelson are so good. He is jumping in to a much more technical division where other fighters are still bigger but now will be able to match his technique, speed and conditioning. Look at what Hendo did to Fedor. Look what happened to Vera. Dropping down divisions is not always the answer. I`m a fan though so I hope I`m wrong.