Evans: I want to fight Jon Jones again

by Chris Palmquist |

Former training partners, Jon Jones and Rashad Evans have a storied past. From deciding to never fight each other to eventually finding their way across the octagon from each other, Jones & Evans have an intricate history together. Jones defeated Evans in their first matchup, but Rashad Evans is out to earn himself another shot at the light heavyweight title:

Ariel Helwani: If  you win on Saturday, are you going down to 185?

Rashad Evans: Ah. No I'm going to stay at 205. I want to fight Jon Jones again. Jon Jones has been getting better and better every fight. I want to go in there and see how much better he's gotten.

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officedrone23 site profile image  

6/14/13 12:31 PM by officedrone23

If he came in a cardio machine and just danced and boxed he'd win some rounds.

theoutsiders site profile image  

6/14/13 11:21 AM by theoutsiders

This. It was so frustrating to watch. He kept falling into the party cake game with jones and ate that elbow from Bolivia.

theoutsiders site profile image  

6/14/13 11:21 AM by theoutsiders


Yun site profile image  

6/14/13 11:14 AM by Yun

nobody wants to watch that shit

MasterofMartialArts site profile image  

6/14/13 11:12 AM by MasterofMartialArts

ThisI miss that Rashad.

Refuse to Lose site profile image  

6/14/13 11:11 AM by Refuse to Lose

He needs to get over it.

TheRealMrBeefy site profile image  

6/14/13 11:07 AM by TheRealMrBeefy

The reason why he is all "Shy" now is because Machida put his ass on queer street. He doesn't want to go there again. If Hendo connects with one of his H-bombs we will probably see Stankey Leg 2.0

Surly site profile image  

6/14/13 10:57 AM by Surly

Unfortunately that's just not how Rashad fights. He is very conservative. Sometimes I think it would benefit him to be more aggressive.

Immaculata site profile image  

6/14/13 7:31 AM by Immaculata

Go to MW Rashad.

ShowtimeWreckedMyLeever site profile image  

6/14/13 7:17 AM by ShowtimeWreckedMyLeever

So true