MacDonald vs. Ellenberger: Bitter Twitter bicker


Jake Ellenberger fights Rory MacDonald at UFC on FOX 8 on July 27 at Seattle's KeyArena. The pair have taken to Twitter for some pre fight trash talk, initiated by Ellenberger.

Ben Fowlkes ‏@benfowlkesMMA
Jake Ellenberger said he's been told that winner of his bout w/ Rory Mac is #1 contender. A familiar story.

Jake Ellenberger ‏@EllenbergerMMA
Rory - prepare for some "Horizontal Television Time"

Jake Ellenberger ‏@EllenbergerMMA
McDummy Bad News: Fighting Me Good News: Handicapped Parking

Jake Ellenberger @EllenbergerMMA
Which round is Rory getting melted? #YouChoose #UFConFox8

Rory MacDonald @rory_macdonald
4some1 with such a week jaw u sure use it alot 2 talk shit when ur done buildin ur self up ill b there 2send u back 2reality

Jake Ellenberger @EllenbergerMMA
@rory_macdonald McDummy.. Unless you are using a unit of time as an adjective, the word is "weak", not "week", Stupid.

Damon Martin ‏@DamonMartin
As an English major I rather enjoyed that last tweet, I must say.

Rory MacDonald @rory_macdonald
@EllenbergerMMA emotionally struggling knowing inside he is inferior 2 me

Jake Ellenberger @EllenbergerMMA
@rory_macdonald Let me proof-read your inane comments from now on, y'idiot

Rory MacDonald @rory_macdonald
@EllenbergerMMADont fool yourself jacob correcting internet spelling wont change your fate #ufconfox8 @ufc

Jake Ellenberger @EllenbergerMMA
don't make me muss up your coif' pull a coupla buttons off your cardigan, precious

Read entire Twitter... (Jake Ellenberger)
Read entire Twitter... (Rory MacDonald)

And this is the cardigan in question :-)

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Recent Comments »

Herman Munster site profile image  

6/19/13 8:26 AM by Herman Munster

  Good luck to Jake with that.

Herman Munster site profile image  

6/19/13 8:12 AM by Herman Munster

  Exactly.  On top of that he was facing Condit as a 20 year old in his 2nd UFC fight, with a total of 10 pro fights under his belt.  Carlos  meanwhile was a proven veteran with 30 pro fights, much close to entering the peak of his career.  Rory had nothing to lose in that fight, and only proved how legit he is.  Young overhyped fighters dont do as well as Rory against Condit, and they dont dismantle proven veterans like Mike Pyle in less than a round, just ask John Hathaway. He wasn't even training with Tristar full time then either.  Once Chaimberg got ahold of him, you really began to see his maturing physically and the boy was no longer.   Ellenberger has been talking shit about Rory the whole time.  Ellenberger has a proven history of showing disrespect to opponents.. Rory finally obliged a bit, but don't expect Rory to continue to drag this out much longer.  The rest of his talking will likely be done with his fists.  

majikman site profile image  

6/19/13 2:16 AM by majikman

Rory will win fairly easily. I am a fan of Ellenberger, but Rory is on another level

Doobster site profile image  

6/19/13 2:12 AM by Doobster

Rory is going to KO Ellenberger in rnd 3. after 2 rnds of making Jake look like an amateur.

Stannis Baratheon site profile image  

6/18/13 10:49 PM by Stannis Baratheon

May, but almost definitely won't.

Stannis Baratheon site profile image  

6/18/13 10:48 PM by Stannis Baratheon

That was by far the cleverest TUF comment Kos ever made.. Chael could take much from that moment.. As of course we all could.

NFABeeJay site profile image  

6/18/13 10:35 PM by NFABeeJay

People talk like Rory is overhyped! He has STOMPED everyone including Condit. Condit just got that last minute surge of energy, clipped those orbitals, and the fight got called with 7 seconds left. Otherwise, he wins a convincing 29-28. He's the real deal, even though he's kinda flaky!

anunaki site profile image  

6/18/13 9:51 PM by anunaki

jake may just put him on his back and beat him uprory needs to be humbled

FedorEmilioEstevez site profile image  

6/18/13 8:36 PM by FedorEmilioEstevez

My god Rory is the biggest dork in MMA