Manager: 'Big Nog' out at least three months


At the UFC on Fuel TV 10, Antonio Rodrigo was submitted by Fabricio Werdum by arm bar. Although Nogueira did eventually tap, he did hold out enough to suffer a somewhat serious injury that will put him on the shelf for a while:

"The doctors are saying he will be back training in three months," Soares said.

While Soares said he didn't know who Nogueira wants to fight in his return, he said the Brazilian legend doesn't have any plans to call it quits.

"He's still a top 10 heavyweight in the world," Soares said.

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Recent Comments »

john_d1974 site profile image  

6/24/13 2:34 AM by john_d1974

he needs to give it up before he gets seriously hurt!

Unwariestpickle site profile image  

6/23/13 5:53 PM by Unwariestpickle

He should hang em up. Great career, but it is time to move on. He can still be active in MMA, just not as a top level competitor.

ChokeEmOut site profile image  

6/23/13 5:50 PM by ChokeEmOut

If he simply wants to compete..his days of chasing the title are over.

ipponssting site profile image  

6/23/13 5:35 PM by ipponssting

One more fight in brazil against Struve and then call it a career. I will say that I think he should have retired after the Herman fight. The Werdum fight could have been a good chance to retire too

kid chaos site profile image  

6/23/13 5:22 PM by kid chaos

After watching babalus last fight on bellator I really hope nogueira retires. He has nothing to prove and I know he's a warhorse but for his own safety I hope he does.

Tilla site profile image  

6/23/13 5:15 PM by Tilla

Agreed.Nog is finished.Have him face the winner of the Barnett/Mir fight and then call it a day.

voorhees site profile image  

6/23/13 4:52 PM by voorhees

I would never try to suggest to him what to do w/his life,I just dont wanna see him go out like Sakuraba,another legend that I loved.

Fraser_Finlay site profile image  

6/23/13 4:48 PM by Fraser_Finlay

Good points, but the bottom line is that it's up to Nog. If he wants to keep fighting, who are we to say he is wrong?

voorhees site profile image  

6/23/13 4:46 PM by voorhees

Really?Whats the point then?That is beneath the ONLY UFC and Pride HW champion.If thats really the case,Nog needs to think about hanging it up.There was a point where we NEVER thought we would see Nog KOed.Then it happened multiple times.Then there was a point where we NEVER thought we would see Nog submitted.Now THATS happened multiple times.I love Nog as a fighter too much to see things continue to happen to him now that I KNOW would have never EVER happened to him in his prime.I think its time.

BrattMamley site profile image  

6/23/13 4:45 PM by BrattMamley

I like that fight with Struve. I think it's an even matchup. Get better nog.