Royce Gracie: Diaz brothers remind me of my own family


The latest, Bruce Buffer issue of FIghters Only, also featured an interview with UFC Hall of Famer Royce Grace.

Royce was asked who his favorite modern day MMA fighters are?

“I like Nick and Nate Diaz, Gilbert Melendez, that whole group," replied Royce. "They remind me a lot of my family. They don’t take BS from anybody. They are there to fight, they are there to win. They don’t walk away from a fight.”

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What do you think UG? Who is your favorite fighter? Does he or she remind you of your family??!?


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rjhartman site profile image  

6/25/13 10:45 AM by rjhartman

With every public statement made I lose a little more respect for Royce and the Gracie family :(

omega 2013 site profile image  

6/25/13 9:18 AM by omega 2013

Both the gracies and the Diaz brothers have had their d-bag moments...

DEZBOT site profile image  

6/25/13 8:57 AM by DEZBOT

Massive compliment

MMAtador site profile image  

6/25/13 8:53 AM by MMAtador

I'm glad your 2nd grade education has gotten you such a good job. Resident douche bag for a MMA website (that you offer no insight) just come to correct other people's spelling.

Bucephalus site profile image  

6/25/13 7:23 AM by Bucephalus

You know the one thing about talking shit... is that it's SHIT.Good luck with that.

Bucephalus site profile image  

6/25/13 7:21 AM by Bucephalus


LILBROCK site profile image  

6/24/13 10:49 PM by LILBROCK

Let me guess. Your 3 sources for the weight confusion are Nick Diaz, Nate Diaz, and Cesar Gracie, right?Estima made weight. Per Cesar, as agreed upon initially..."At 10:00AM Braulio did weigh in at 180lbs but by that time Nick had already left."

GripnRip site profile image  

6/24/13 10:37 PM by GripnRip

Ufc fighters choose to fight even when their opponents miss weight because of the financial incentive. By weigh in time most fighters are counting on their payout to cover the cost of training as well as everyday living expenses. The idea of turning down a payday after weeks or months of effort towards is not logical.Without the financial element there is no way in hell competitors would routinely accept such disrespect from on opponent. Its maybe hard for someone like to imagine, as story will usually trump reality for people like you, but if you spent an entire day of misery to make weight for a match that offers nothing but prestige as a reward only to hear from your opponent at the end of that day the he didnt feel like doing that and hes not going to make weight I imagine you would be upset. You might ask yourself what is to be gained from the match at that point? Now you are whats called a faggot so you have no concept of what im talking about. You think fighters are disposable humans who have no purpose but to entertain you when smackdown isnt on. This, like everything else in this world, is a business.

ssj site profile image  

6/24/13 10:26 PM by ssj

And any Diaz brother would still school you like a little boy while you cry about it on the internets

Glovegate site profile image  

6/24/13 9:23 PM by Glovegate

What kind of fighter refuses to fight because his opponent is over weight a few pounds.  Does that ever happen in the UFC?  Or is Nick's refusal for personal reasons simply much more consistent with his, I'm sorry, fairly long history of excuse making.   It stands to reason that Royce would be reminded of his family by that camp.  The amount of manipulating to ensure a win is about the same.  We're talking about a confirmed roider.