Rampage: I'd love to f--- up Roy Nelson


Quinton Jackson has recently expressed interest in moving up to the heavyweight and a bout with Roy Nelson is defintely he would be up for:

Brian Hemminger (MMAmania.com): You brought up earlier about really wanting to round out your game. Is there anything specific you want to focus on before you make your Bellator debut?

Quinton Jackson: Everything. I need to work on everything, man. I need to work on my Muay Thai. I need to work on my wrestling. I need to work on my ground game and even my boxing. That's what I've been doing.

Brian Hemminger (MMAmania.com): Roy Nelson's contract just expired in the UFC so he's like a restricted free agent at the moment. You've brought wanting to fight at heavyweight now so would you be interested in a fight against Big Country if he signs with Bellator?

Quinton Jackson: I would love to fight Roy Nelson. Fuck him up.

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Quinton Jackson is now under a long term contract with Bellator Fighting Championships, however Roy Nelson recently completed his last bout under his UFC contract, so there is a possibility we could actual see this bout come to fruition.

What say ye UG, who wins between Roy Nelson and Quinton Jackson?

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Recent Comments »

circa305 site profile image  

6/26/13 10:09 PM by circa305

Page still upset because Roy knocked out his boy Kongo.

Haulport site profile image  

6/26/13 10:02 PM by Haulport

Would be an AWESOME fight!

nix1331 site profile image  

6/26/13 7:26 PM by nix1331

lol at has been rampage taking this with his horrible cardio and no heart and willpower ya lol.....roy at hw has had better cardio than lhw "in shape" rampage for years rampage only chance is a super lucky punch and a ton of roids

Poindexter site profile image  

6/26/13 3:21 PM by Poindexter

Bring back The Polar Bear for Rampage.

john_d1974 site profile image  

6/26/13 3:14 PM by john_d1974

roy takes this all day long.

duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

6/26/13 2:41 PM by duckhuntgangsta

Agreed. Roy is used to fighting fat. Page will embarrass himself IMO

john_d1974 site profile image  

6/26/13 2:11 PM by john_d1974

$$$ on Roy to ko 'pages ass.

Lasko site profile image  

6/26/13 2:04 PM by Lasko

Horrible game plan. Only going for a KO against Roy is a guaranteed way to lose. Look at Roy's losses to see how to beat him, it's definitely not by head hunting.

TheKidAintMine site profile image  

6/26/13 1:58 PM by TheKidAintMine

Fat Roy beats up Fat Rampage....and does it in style!

duckhuntgangsta site profile image  

6/26/13 1:54 PM by duckhuntgangsta

I don't watch all UFC events either. It's just a time thing. There is so much content out there I can barely keep up. I'm obviously in here every day, but it's just to stay current on events. I liked StrikeForce pre and post Zuffa. Still wish it was around. If Page fights on Bellator I'll tune in. I'd watch Eddie fight if he ends up there. Askren's name should be changed to Ambien. Never was a huge fan if King Mo. Bellator probably over paid. I should watch more Chandler fights. Can't say I know him well.