Machida: Win over Davis makes me no.1 contender


Jon Jones is already scheduled to defend his title against Alexandar Gustafson, but the next contender is a bit more open. Lyoto Machida will battle Phil Davis at UFC 163 and feels a win should earn him another title shot at Jon Jones:

A win over Davis may (finally) get "The Dragon" a second chance at breaking "Bones," according to his recent interview with

"I think with this next victory that I'll have, I will be the next contender, for sure. I have some keys on how to win Jon Jones. I was very close [to] the victory against Jones. Maybe if somebody gives me a rematch, I can get that."

Assuming Jones is still champion.

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Darth Ryase site profile image  

6/28/13 11:20 PM by Darth Ryase

Getting your ass beat and nearly choked to death in roughly 7 minutes is not "making a mistake." Just because Machida landed the first clean strike ever against Jones doesn't mean he was doing great.

pegson123 site profile image  

6/28/13 10:55 PM by pegson123

You both bore me more than a loaf of bread

caseharts site profile image  

6/28/13 8:18 PM by caseharts


RileyPust site profile image  

6/28/13 8:17 PM by RileyPust

You like to think you're a rational, right-minded adult... then you find yourself laughing at "Machoda" for less than savoury reasons.

Lasko site profile image  

6/28/13 8:15 PM by Lasko

This. If I remember correctly the only reason Jones got Machida down is because Machida closed the distance, not the other way around. There's no way Davis is getting Machida down. This isn't a fair matchup at all. Davis is not getting Machida down and his improving but still sloppy stand-up doesn't stand a chance. I don't say this often about Machida but I'd be surprised if it goes to decision.

Kid Charlemagne site profile image  

6/28/13 7:58 PM by Kid Charlemagne

Part of the problem with getting machida down is closing the distance without eating punches/kicks

Pitbull3744 site profile image  

6/28/13 6:48 PM by Pitbull3744

That's true actually Davis hasn't shown too much improvement but I figure since he knows what a beast machida is he would almost need to get it to the ground.

Jesus KO'd stayrad site profile image  

6/28/13 6:29 PM by Jesus KO'd stayrad

Personally don't want to see jones fight anyone else at LHW he will stark anyone at 205 and I'm not interest in seeing him walk through anyone else I want to see him tested

Willy the Coyote site profile image  

6/28/13 6:16 PM by Willy the Coyote

Maybe? What has he done to show that he's improved? It's not like he's performed against elite competition since the Nog and Evans fights. Even if he has improved a bit, it's more than likely not enough to get the better of Machida, who is a better fighter in every regard.

Pitbull3744 site profile image  

6/28/13 6:03 PM by Pitbull3744

So u think since that fight Davis didn't get better?