War Machine: God forbid if Dana White was gay


One-time UFC vet and current Bellator fighter War Machine has no filter and says whatever comes across his sometimes troubled mind, whenever he feels it. He recently spoke with Steph Daniels of Bloody Elbow and offered some blunt, even offensive remarks. Here's what War Machine had to say about UFC President Dana White:

The UFC is not going to give up any extra money if they don't have to. They have so much power. God forbid if Dana White was gay. If Dana White was gay, he'd have fighters sucking dick. I guaranf---ingtee it. If he was gay, every fighter would have to suck his dick to fight.

That's how much power they have. There would be dudes that fight the toughest guys in the world that would get on their knees and suck dick to get into the UFC. It's the truth. We're just lucky that Dana White's not gay.

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Brian J DSouza site profile image  

7/2/13 4:04 AM by Brian J DSouza

Trading sexual favours for preferential treatment has long been a part of the entertainment industry. See the Lou Pearlman example with boy bands: http://www.vanityfair.com/culture/features/2007/11/pearlman200711  

AFC1281 site profile image  

7/2/13 3:55 AM by AFC1281

Why not?

TopGrinder site profile image  

7/1/13 2:08 PM by TopGrinder

War machine spits the truth. Dana has too much power over these fighters

abi site profile image  

7/1/13 1:40 PM by abi

you wouldnt take a shot in the mouth for a six figure contract? i guess youre not a real fuckin fighter then!:)

SOO72 site profile image  

7/1/13 4:24 AM by SOO72

Funny shit and not at all what I was expecting to read based on the headlines.

SOO72 site profile image  

7/1/13 4:23 AM by SOO72

The saddest part is, it's true. Throwing away all laws and social concerns for a moment.. you know if DFW one day just said, "hey, you know what? Suck my dick!" to some desperate guys wanting in to the UFC, they would do it. I imagine it's like survival when your best skill and chance to make a good living is as a fighter and the only paying gig in town in the UFC. DFW probably long ago came to that realization and maybe the only reason he doesn't get busier with the help is because he doesn't want a sexual harassment suit to bring him down.

GoGo GadgetPlata site profile image  

7/1/13 3:39 AM by GoGo GadgetPlata

I don't know why, but I believe him!.......

All My Holes Overflowing With Jones' CREam site profile image  

6/30/13 11:09 PM by All My Holes Overflowing With Jones' CREam

I will get this guy to fight me in the street as a favor Dana.See me when you see me WarMachine.

Baboo Baby site profile image  

6/30/13 11:06 PM by Baboo Baby

Tears in my eyes!

2JupitersTooMany site profile image  

6/30/13 9:40 PM by 2JupitersTooMany