Anderson Silva: I don't think I can beat Jon Jones


Superfights are champion vs. champion bouts, and there is no superfight fans want to see more than Anderson Silva vs. Jon Jones.

However, UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, speaking without a translator and in English said frankly that he doesn't think he can beat Jones, and few top fighters take bouts they don't think they can win.

"Jon Jones, in his class, is the best," said Silva. "If I fight Jon Jones, I'm don't think I'm going to win."

"Jon Jones is different. He's large. He's young. But, in the fight, I see in Jon Jones, I see myself from a long time ago. He's very smart."

Silva was asked in what areas he might have an advantage over Jones.

"I don't know," said Silva. "In my opinion, Spider has more experience than Jon Jones, but that's the only advantage."

Silva fight Chris Weidman live on PPV Saturday night at UFC 162.

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willpower site profile image  

7/15/13 1:00 PM by willpower

Cain would destroy Silva. Just way too big and strong and crazy cardio. Not a fair fight. Cain is third on the P4P list It goes 1 Jones2 A Silva3 Cain V4 GSP5 Aldo6 Rousey7 D Johnson8 B Henderson9 R Barao10 F Edgar11 C Weidman12 A Pettis13 V Belfort14 D Henderson

willpower site profile image  

7/4/13 4:14 PM by willpower

Jones would def win.... as good as he is Anderson is second best P4P right now Jones is first.....and bigger and younger and stronger and just as fast. AS has done more but is on the downside going down Jones is growing bigger and stronger...scary indeed!

MattyECB site profile image  

7/3/13 6:20 PM by MattyECB

I've heard Andy say the best p4p fighter is Jon Jones, he's also said Fedor in the past and BJ Penn, another time saying Penn wasn't the best, but his favorite, he's also said Aldo... hell he's even said GSP is p4p best in the past. Andy has also said he'll move down to WW to fight GSP for the title, do it for no title, fight at the catchweight for no title, only fight at his own weightclass for or not for a title... He's also said he'll never fight Jones because they're friends, he's said he will fight Jones, then he said he'll fight Jones, but only if he gets half of the UFC -- later admitting this was obviously a joke...And now he's saying he no longer wants to fight GSP cause the moment is gone and Jones because he's young, big and would beat him. He's also stated numerous times how he's going to fight RJJ, at one point saying he was ready to retire at 35 and fight RJJ. Recently he's said he still wants to fight RJJ even though Roy must be approaching fifty now...If the Belfort and Maia fights weren't indication enough, AS likes to fuck with ppl and say wtv the fuck is on his mind lolI love seeing ppl break down these at-a-whime statements he makes for shits, and with probably a half second of forethought to match either their nuthuggery or haterness.

Entreri site profile image  

7/3/13 6:14 PM by Entreri

Silva is the GREATEST striker in MMA HISTORY. Unfortunately, with Jones huge reach advantage, he can survive Silva and take him down at will. 5 rounds of domination is what I see happening. Silva is insanely tough, granite chin = surviving 5 rounds. Jones is definitely not doing what he did to Shogun, Rashad or Chael. Silva is easily #2 at LHW and top 5 at HW. Silva has a better chance against Cain. Cain take downs are nowhere near Jones, his reach is much much less. I can see Silva KO Cain, but not Jones. Silva should fight Cain before he retires IMO.

Entreri site profile image  

7/3/13 6:10 PM by Entreri

"Jon Jones, in his class, is the best, Silva said. "If I fight Jon Jones, I'm don't think I'm going to win."I don't think Silva can win either. Silva would beat most HW's, including Fedor prime though. I think Silva has a MUCH BETTER chance of beating CAIN. And Jones will beat Cain.Jones insane reach, SUPERB take downs + heterodox style, Silva will be on his back for 5 rounds.

MattyECB site profile image  

7/3/13 6:06 PM by MattyECB

It honestly blows my mind how widespread this ecto/meso wtv the fuck morph shit is. You know it's completely and utterly made up, right?There's no such thing, it was invented over a half-century ago by some retards who thought body type related to personality, and ever since people have been citing, "somatotypes," like they're science lol Might as well say the three classes are muscular/fatty/skinny,since it's about as scientific, if not more so, than saying meso/endo/ecto and at least there's no retarded psychology implicitly attached in the former.

Ghengiseanie site profile image  

7/3/13 5:44 PM by Ghengiseanie

The only reason Anderson Silva is not holding the LHW belt as well is because of his respect for his good friend Machida. I would love to watch a tough sparring session between the two of them.

Stephen Eakin site profile image  

7/2/13 12:37 PM by Stephen Eakin

If I tell you I'm good, you would probably think I'm boasting. If I tell you I'm no good, you know I'm lying

subwrassler site profile image  

7/2/13 12:18 PM by subwrassler


SQUEEZIE site profile image  

7/2/13 12:07 PM by SQUEEZIE

andy could lose on sat and people will say he is trolling and playing mind gamed with the media.