Mousasi: Vitor Belfort is a hypocrite


Former DREAM and Strikeforce champion Gegard "Dream Catcher" Mousasi has called out Vitor Belfort several times lately, but in a recent interview the Brazilian said Mousasi hadn't earned the right to fight him.

"If you want to fight Vitor Belfort, you have to earn it," said Vitor Belfort. "It's just like if you want to play someone in the quarter or semi finals - you cannot just because you won something a long time ago. No, you have to earn your spot."

"I want to fight for the belt - that's my goal. That's the goal of a fighter, that's the goal of an athlete in the UFC. That's the goal of Vitor Belfort -- I'm a winner, I'm a champion. That's what I want, that's what I'm fighting for."

Now Mousasi has responded.

Mousasi and his management claim they were offered that very fight in August, but couldn't accept it because of the ACL surgery the former Strikeforce champion had to undergo.

Mousasi will be ready to return in December and wants that chance to fight Belfort again.

According to Mousasi and his management, Belfort is a 'hypocrite' because they believe he was granted two title shots they contend he didn't earn. As Helwani also reported, Mousasi and his team can't understand why their request can't be met if Alexander Gustafsson is being granted a title shot after he was forced out of a bout due to injury.

Last, but certainly not least, Mousasi claims Affliction offered him a fight in 2008 opposite Belfort at a catchweight, but Belfort declined it citing his lack of inclination to compete at a catchweight. Mousasi told Helwani he can't understand how Belfort can decline that bout and yet accept a catchweight bout in his return to the UFC.

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"I don't like it how people are using Twitter trying [to get opponents]," Belfort had said previously. However, "The Phenom" is now joining them, taking to Twitter to ask UFC president Dana White for the winner the UFC 162 headliner Saturday between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman bout.


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Chiron site profile image  

7/4/13 2:09 PM by Chiron

Vitor didn't deserve to fight Jones. Everyone knows that. The Anderson fight he deserved about as much as anyone else at the time, though no one really had a strong case. There were big arguments then about who deserved it more and Vitor was one of the guys in the mix. He fought Rich Franklin at a catchweight to get back in the UFC and get closer to a MW title shot. Franklin didn't want to fight at 185. Remember? That's why they call 195 Franklin weight. Vitor was trying to stay down at MW where he'd been for his previous 2 fights. He's stayed at MW ever since then except for the fight with Franklin, the time Anthony Johnson missed weight, and the title shot with Jones (which damn near any fighter would switch weight classes for). It's pretty clear that Vitor prefers MW these days so if Mousasi wants to fight him he should look there. LMAO at people thinking Mousasi will destroy Vitor. He's a good fighter, but he hasn't even fought, let alone beat, enough top level guys to have THAT kind of confidence in him. A fight with Vitor seems pretty 50/50 to me.

Chiron site profile image  

7/4/13 1:56 PM by Chiron

Way to try and spin it. That's a bunch of crap. Trying to use the whole "He fought a different opponent at the last minute with a different skillset, therefore he couldn't fight him as effectively." is a total BS spin. If anything that means he should've been able to fight BETTER. Yes, he was fighting a different opponent, but not one with skills he hasn't seen before. Sure he didn't have time to change his strategy specifically for Latifi. So what? Even though Mousasi didn't have much time to prepare a strategy, neither did Latifi! On top of that, Mousasi had a full camp to prepare physically while Latifi didn't get a training camp at all so he wasn't in peak shape. Add to that the fact Latifi is a journeyman who is, at best, gate keeper level. Anyone thinking that getting a last minute opponent replacement was overall anything but a benefit for Mousasi, or any other fighter where the replacement didn't know they were going to fight, has gone full retard. I was a huge Mousasi fan before that sad display, but call a spade a spade. He performed poorly and admitted he didn't go for it.

caseharts site profile image  

7/4/13 11:41 AM by caseharts

Reem didn't out strike everyone In mma he's fought. Mousasi has.

caseharts site profile image  

7/4/13 11:40 AM by caseharts

Tons of respect for vitor but I'm hoping with the moose

Willy the Coyote site profile image  

7/4/13 11:25 AM by Willy the Coyote

Yea, Vitor is too fast and accurate for Gegard . Great, Mousasi beat a top kick boxer. Overeem vs Bigfoot, anyone?

Doc T site profile image  

7/4/13 11:05 AM by Doc T

Vitor is a bad fight for the moose :(

Pitbull3744 site profile image  

7/4/13 10:11 AM by Pitbull3744

This and I was a big Belfort Fan but the guy is a hypocrite and a cheat plain and simple.

mcq site profile image  

7/4/13 9:40 AM by mcq

So is your argument. The ACL accounts for the majority of a leg's stability and movement. Having both severely restricted for a striker like Sauce would be detrimental to his performance. A torn ACL ends most traditional athletes seasons and takes about a year to recover from, yet Sauce still fought.

GSPsShadyHandWraps site profile image  

7/4/13 7:45 AM by GSPsShadyHandWraps

If Vitor was fighting with that kind of injury he would have been buttscooting the entire fight while you made excuses for his steroid abusing ass

sitchpack site profile image  

7/4/13 7:33 AM by sitchpack

  Dude froze up and refused to get the killer instinct out against an unknown opponent.  Everyone comes into fights injured to an extent, Mousasi has no business aclling out the second ranked guy in the division, he is just trying to fast track himeslf into the top 10.   Let Mousasi win some fights and then the talk about facing top level guys will be legitimate.