Sonnen interviews Silva (video)


UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva dropped in to chat with UFC Tonight analysts Chael Sonnen and Kenny Florian before his big fight at UFC 162. Silva talks Chris Weidman, retirement, and much more.

"I respect all the fighters. I respect Jon Jones. I respect Chris Weidman, but I'm here for working.

"I'm not scared of Jon Jones, of Chris Weidman or whoever. I'm here to fight. That's it. It's simple."

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DJ CRUSH site profile image  

7/4/13 5:35 AM by DJ CRUSH

Get Anderson and Chael a tv show now! Zebra make it harpoon!

UGCTT_ScarecrowRio site profile image  

7/4/13 3:05 AM by UGCTT_ScarecrowRio

I want to see this BBQ. It has Live Action Prebek all over it

gatorlaw site profile image  

7/3/13 6:39 PM by gatorlaw

Voted up for staying true to your name.

meekie01 site profile image  

7/3/13 5:45 PM by meekie01

Great interview, really enjoyed it! :)

Zeke Dynasty site profile image  

7/3/13 5:29 PM by Zeke Dynasty

Chael can't even get through a sentance interviewing the guy, i don't think he really wants another loss.

XIITT_Anderson P Sonnen_ site profile image  

7/3/13 1:25 PM by XIITT_Anderson P Sonnen_

That was awesome to watch :)

RCP site profile image  

7/3/13 1:10 PM by RCP

Better wrestlingBetter judoBetter GnPBiggerStrongerYoungerBetter chokes

RCP site profile image  

7/3/13 1:05 PM by RCP

Does silva walk around at 230?

VitorlovesCheezits site profile image  

7/3/13 12:58 PM by VitorlovesCheezits