Edgar: I will defeat Charles Oliveira


 At UFC 162, Frankie Edgar finds himself in some unfamiliar territory: a three round fight. Edgar hasn't fought a three round since 2009, having been involved only in title fights. Edgar spoke to UFC.com about the fight and the interview was transcribed by MMAWeekly.com:

“It’s a blessing in disguise, I feel like, coming back to a three-round fight.  It’s going to make me get out of the gun early and make sure, first round, I’m in his face and I’m in the rhythm that I like to be in fourth and fifth (round),” Edgar told UFC.com.

Oliveira (16-3, 1 no contest) has logged submissions in all four of his UFC fights, earning Submission of the Night honors twice.

“He’s tough.  He’s dangerous.  Probably the tallest guy I may have ever fought.  He’s got pretty good Muay Thai.  He mixes it up well with kicks, knees, elbows.  He’s got a slick submission game. He’s willing to go from broke to go for submissions,” said Edgar about his opponent.

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Jo'donnell-Davies site profile image  

7/5/13 5:35 AM by Jo'donnell-Davies

I only see oliviera winning by submission. But I've got edgar in this, I think he's gunna win

MMALOGIC site profile image  

7/5/13 5:11 AM by MMALOGIC

Live by the point, die by the point Frankie better finish... the only way people will want to see him in another title fight is if he starts finishing some guys.

HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe site profile image  

7/5/13 5:05 AM by HeHitsMeBecauseHeLovesMe

That was a draw.

ChaosOverkill site profile image  

7/5/13 3:46 AM by ChaosOverkill

"Oliveira (16-3, 1 no contest) has logged submissions in all four of his UFC fights, earning Submission of the Night honors twice." He's fought 8 times, good reporting

big_roy_fan site profile image  

7/5/13 3:08 AM by big_roy_fan

no he won't almost lose to oliveira

Slick Jitz site profile image  

7/5/13 2:51 AM by Slick Jitz

I agree. Good fight but oliveira is still so young, would like to see him with more experience

roperninja site profile image  

7/5/13 1:16 AM by roperninja

Like that second decision with gray?

HenryO site profile image  

7/5/13 1:08 AM by HenryO

Really lookin forward to this fight.Though I think Oliveira should be protected a bit and is in over his head.Oliveira will at least make it exciting and push Edgar before I expect Edgar to be too much

Chiron site profile image  

7/3/13 11:21 PM by Chiron

Translation: I'm gonna learn how to win the early rounds better so I can better use my pointfighting to win more decisions.

McNutt site profile image  

7/3/13 2:58 PM by McNutt

Glad me and Frankie are on the same page, lol