White: Guys that are complaining are guys that don't matter


Recently the topic of fighter pay has been discused in depth amongst fans and in the MMA media. Early this week, UFC President Dana White hinted at removing bonuses in exchange for higher power for lower tier fights. Today in the UFC 162 media scrum he expanded on his idea and the whole controversy around fighter pay:

“The guys who are complaining about this are the guys that don’t matter,” White continued. “Now that might sound f****** mean, and harsh, and ‘Why would nobody matter? Everybody matters.’ We’re in this f****** society now where everybody should win a trophy. No, everybody doesn’t win a f***** trophy.”

“The guys who stand out and the guys who deserve bonuses, the guys who make it exciting, the guys who rise to the top are the guys who deserve the money.”

“If you’re the guy who stands out, you’re the guy who people want to see again. You’re the guy who people want to spend money for. You’re the guy who people want to buy tickets, pay-per-views, and stay home on Saturday night [to see],” White said.

White stated that what it comes down to is everyone wanting more money. He further explained that when it comes down to it, everyone should be after the American dream, adding how he built the UFC to what it is today – the fastest growing sport in the world. But, White added it seems these days not everybody is willing to do what it takes to get there.

“You should want to be f****** Anderson Silva. You should want to be Jon Jones. You should aspire to be the best. But what happens is, especially in sports, in any professional sport where you’re an athlete, that day of reckoning comes where you either are that guy, or you’re not.”

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TheGreatGodMARS site profile image  

7/5/13 11:25 PM by TheGreatGodMARS

Thought this was a reply to war machine,read the quote as "You should want to be fucked".

Bearded Collie Herds Orca site profile image  

7/5/13 10:11 PM by Bearded Collie Herds Orca


Jesus Quintana site profile image  

7/5/13 8:00 PM by Jesus Quintana

Unless you're the top guy in MMA you get paid like shit, just like in other sports. Oh wait, that's nothing like other sports.

lookoutawhale site profile image  

7/5/13 7:53 PM by lookoutawhale

+1 agreed great reply.

lookoutawhale site profile image  

7/5/13 7:52 PM by lookoutawhale

  Great posts. These guys that are getting paid a little amount on the bottom of the card are the future of the UFC. The new fighters that will be awesome one day have to make a living on the bottom and they have to paid enough so they can make a living on this. Rarely will guys go undefeated and so the power lies with the UFC to cut them whenever a loss happens. You could just give everyone a revenue share based on each ppv earning instead of paying them a fixed amount before the fight. Guys on the bottom make less but a certain wage floor is set like in other sports. Then the top guys make the wage ceiling. The UFC takes their percentage. If you keep paying the guys on the bottom that dont matter at the moment chump change you're losing out on an investement in a fighter that could be great one day. Dana keeps talking about how huge the sport is but the when it comes to salary he downplays how small MMA is on the large scale.

ProteinBake site profile image  

7/5/13 7:46 PM by ProteinBake

Exactly.  Very well put. VTFU

PrettyBoy site profile image  

7/5/13 7:11 PM by PrettyBoy

Well if that's the case and cards are literally being sold off the names of just a few select fighters shouldn't it stand to reason that those select fighters should be making boxer like money?I mean you can't have it both ways...It seems the UFC's position is that the little guys don't get paid because they don't fucking matter...the big names are what brings in the people.Yet the big name guys don't get paid like boxers because there are no superstars in UFC rather the UFC brand alone sells and the strength of the collective cards simply push it from there.! The UFC can't make these arguments simultaneously without sounding a little foolish.

mannerscostnothing site profile image  

7/5/13 5:05 PM by mannerscostnothing


tl1313 site profile image  

7/5/13 3:17 PM by tl1313

I've read and heard Dana White talk about this in a way that is so completely misleading I had to respond. He claims the UFC is bigger than NFL, soccer and every other team sport. MMA is not a team sport and the only reason he can treat it the way he wants is because of the control over the athletes that he insists on. Tennis is the only model these fighters should use as a comparison. Independent contractors working within a framework of regulations. Here's a resent article talking about Wimbledon raising all players pay. It's no secret that it pays to be a Wimbledon champion, but it may surprise you just how much.The prize money has increased by roughly 40 percent this year at the All England Club. That increase as well as the 2013 purse are the biggest in the history of professional tennis, according to Wimbledon officials via Christopher Clarey of The New York Times. The biggest difference in prize money will be seen with the early-round losers, who will make nearly twice as much this summer than they would have a year ago.Below we'll take a closer look at the prize money players will be receiving at the All England Club in 2013. All information courtesy of Wimbledon.com. U.S. conversions are rounded to the nearest whole dollar. Gentlemen's and Ladies' Singles Prize Money for 2013Round Per Player Per Round Winner $2,437,600 Finalist 1,218,800 Semi-finalist 609,400Quarter-finalist 312,318 Last Sixteen 159,968 Third Round 95,981 Second Round 57,893 First Round 35,802 Total Per Event $13,083,818

epwar site profile image  

7/5/13 2:24 PM by epwar

Perfectly stated.  Voted up! The sad part is you won't ever see any MMA media ask Dana like that.  They'll say, "There has been a lot of talk about fighter pay..." and then let Dana do his spiel.  If you are signed with the UFC, you shouldn't be worried about making ends meet and living on rice and ketchup.