White: Silva vs. Roy Jones Jr boxing match still possible


Roy Jones Jr. flew into Vegas for UFC 162 to discuss with UFC president Dana White, an acquaintance of some 20 years, about fighting Anderson Silva.

Despite the loss Saturday night, Jones still wants to box Silva, and in fact attributes the loss the Silva's desire to fight him.

"For so long now he's been wanting to box me," said Jones. "I don't even think the fight with this kid Weidman was really on his mind. I think he really was out more to show he has the razzle dazzle for his boxing goals, because he was trying to prove a point. He's trying to to say 'I've done this long enough, let's see how I can do at boxing, we want the best.'

"It's just that in this game you can't play, and disrespect nobody that is in front of you. Neither can you do that in boxing."

Jones went on to say that if Silva were to see how he does in boxing, he would return to MMA and  rematch with Weidman fully focused.

When asked if he still wanted to fight Silva, Jones was adamant.

"In a boxing match? Of course," replied Jones. "Because it is something the world has been wanting to see for a long time. I mean, it's one of the biggest... it's a show, it's an event. Not a boxing match, not an MMA fight, but an event."

 When UFC 162 was over, White was asked about the fight.

"Oh no," said White. "Roy is still saying, 'Let me tell you what we can do.' He was saying all kinds of s---. He still wants that fight."

"Even if Anderson came back out in that second round and knocked him out, I still don't know what the answer was. I brought him out here to talk. A crazy fight like that, like a boxing match between two guys, you've got to sit down and find out what expectations are. What are your expectations? What do you want to get out this thing? What are you thinking?"

Still, White believes Silva's focus will now be on Weidman, not Jones.

"Anderson plays a lot of things off publicly," said White. "The guy went on this win streak because he's an amazing competitor and is an amazing talent. He's going to want to redeem himself."

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newbie2013 site profile image  

7/8/13 11:52 AM by newbie2013

Silva's been a boxing fan a long time and hes even had bouts, i think he wants to challenge himself to see how good of a boxer he is.

holly9000 site profile image  

7/8/13 11:32 AM by holly9000

Please allow me to provide this historical reference to help explain...

Bobby Lupo site profile image  

7/8/13 11:27 AM by Bobby Lupo

Silva started this thing. Roy didn't know what an Anderson silva was before he called him out

bemsqua site profile image  

7/8/13 10:15 AM by bemsqua

I don't understand the boxing match. Silva would be outclassed by Jones Jr. in a straight up boxing match. Jones Jr. was one of the best boxers of all time in his prime. He's older now (44) but you're talking about one of the best to ever put on the gloves. Silva is slick with his hands by MMA standards, but not by upper level pro boxing standards. Now, if it's MMA...totally different story. If you take away the kicks, knees, elbows and thai clinch....Silva would not beat Jones with just his hands.Before Silva supporters bash me....it's nothing against Silva. Roy Jones, Jr. is one of the best boxers of all time. In MMA, Silva wins. In boxing, Jones wins. I don't think it would even be close in either instance.

ShamusO'nyou site profile image  

7/8/13 8:20 AM by ShamusO'nyou


Bobby Lupo site profile image  

7/8/13 7:57 AM by Bobby Lupo

That's what he got, not counting dodgy cash-in-hand bonuses

MarkRobinson site profile image  

7/8/13 7:53 AM by MarkRobinson

An idiot would refuse that kind of cash. Only an idiot.

ShamusO'nyou site profile image  

7/8/13 7:48 AM by ShamusO'nyou

That's all Weidman got for a title shot against the supposed greatest of all time?I hope that's not true

Bobby Lupo site profile image  

7/8/13 7:41 AM by Bobby Lupo

Will Dana offer RJJ Weidman money 24/24? Who could refuse dough like that?

havokk_15 site profile image  

7/8/13 6:02 AM by havokk_15

Anderson is the one who called Roy out to a boxing match, not the other way around. Roy is one of Anderson's idols. Roy probably hadnt even heard of Anderson until he called him out, so why would he be expected to fight MMA? Get a clue