Was Anderson Silva disrespectful?

by Kirik Jenness |

Chris Weidman had a strategy - use his wrestling to pressure Anderson Silva for every second of every minute of every round, and take an opportunity to finish if it came. In the first round, Weidman's strategy played out precisely - Weidman took Silva down, did some damage, and when an opportunity appeared for a submission, he went for it.

Anderson Silva had a strategy - use head games to draw Chris Weidman into a stand up fight, and knock him out. In the second round, Silva's strategy played our precisely, for a while - Anderson Silva goaded Chris Weidman into willfuly standing with him.

But you don't know for sure what is going to happen in mixed martial arts, which is why you have the fight. After it was over, Weidman talked about Silva's showboating on the FUEL TV Postfight show.

“You kind of have to prepare for it," said Weidman. "Anderson Silva does that, and he tries to get into people’s heads."

“[I told myself] not to get frustrated and to believe in myself and just keep moving forward. I was telling myself to throw my punches to get to my takedowns, but it got to a point where he was putting his hands down and kept talking where I said, 'I’m going to punch this guy in the face right now.'

“I told myself to go after him. I believe in my standup. I do great with really good standup guys. You hear everyone say, ‘Don’t stand up with Anderson Silva. It’s the wrong game plan.’ But I said, ‘Screw it. This guy is opening his mouth, and I’m going to try to shut it for him,’ and I got him.”

MMA fighters characteristically throw a 1-2 1-2 combinations, which plays into Anderson Silva's astonishing head movement.

However, Weidman employed some new math, throwing a 1-2-weird 2-3.

It worked famously.

In addition to all Weidman did right, there is what Anderson Silva may have done wrong to consider.

Before the fight, Weidman said "he'd be a fool not to respect me as a fighter." It seems like a slam dunk that what happened Saturday night is a cautionary tale - Anderson Silva did not respect Weidman, got too cocky, and paid the heavy price in front of millions.

It is not that simple.

While Weidman post fight said he though Silva's beahvior was strategic rather than disrespectful, you don't need American Sign Language to understand what his thoughts were immediately after the KO

At the post fight press conference UFC president Dana White was asked if Anderson Silva's antics were disrespectful.

"Fans came here to see a fight," said White. "They saw a pretty good fight tonight. Is it disrespectful? I don't know.

"It's fighting. How the hell do you disrespect somebody in a fight?

"I'm going to try to punch you in the face and knock you out. I'm going to try to kick your leg off. And if I grab your arm, I'm going to take that off. And I'm going to strangle you if I get your neck. But I don't want to disrespect you??!?

"I think what Weidman did to him is pretty damn disrespectful too."

White did add that Silva was not likely to showboat in the rematch.

"I can almost guarantee you, and make a promise," said White. "I really doubt you will see that kind of fight again."

If Silva had knocked out Weidman in the second, the fans would have, once again, been shocked and awed. Silva would have received extraordinary, overwhelming praise from all quarters of the planet, Long Island excepting.

It didn't work this time. Anderson Silva is, like all humans, human. But just because Silva lost once, there is no need to go back and criticize a strategy that has worked and amazed for so long, and indeed was working prefectly, until, this once, it didn't.

If you want to take a lesson from Anderson Silva loss, it is that in the end, everyone loses. Okay, except for Rocky Marciano, but in a Final Destination moment, he died in a small plane crash at age 45. Everyone loses, everyone gets old, everyone dies.

Fighter and noted philosopher  Daniele Bolelli relected on the loss, via Facebook:

"This is where my 'facing hopelessness with a defiant smile and raised middle finger' comes from--from the realization that everyone ends up like Anderson Silva, fallen and face down," said Bolelli. "But just because the universe will one day open its jaws to swallow you is no reason to lose the zest for the game while it lasts. Squeeze as much joy out of your ride as possible right up until the second when your very own Chris Weidman will find you."

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No. I couldn't believe how delusional Kevin iole was.

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Wow! ARe you drunk? All the time? Here are your statements... "ive trained with the likes of tim credeur(often in my garage), ricco rodriguez, pete spratt, carlao prater, mike altman, sam atkins, Torrez Aponte, yves Edwards" "Thirdly, as envious of your past training partners as I am (I have trained with one of the best  - at least soon to be best too) it really does nothing for your position. I am a big fans of Credeur and Edwards and I doubt they would back you up on this." " what is there to prove other than the fact that I called you out for you doubting ive ever trained with yves and tim" "WHere did I say I doubted who you trained with?" "WHAT YOU WROTE:   WHere did I say I doubted who you trained with? I am a big fans of Credeur and Edwards and I doubt they would back you up on this."   I mean just based on the above exchange - All I can say is you have a dizzying logic.   As far as that article you posting after stating I have alot to learn.. DO you really think that statement matched with the article posted makes any sense? LOL at your IQ remark.. I have never had a discusssion with somebody as nonsensical as you are in over ten years on this board. are you aware of what a n amazing accomplishment that is? Is this a troll? or are you really this confused? "--however, when you go and think you can read into someone because of badboy shorts and a nickname from 15 years ago, which is probably about as old as your IQ(also 15) you've failed miserably.." Nooo... I think you have lived up to my assumptions about you beautifully. LOL!   Peace brother, I cannot do this with you anymore. I am afraid you will hurt yourself.

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JUST LIKE I TOLD YOU A FEW DAYS AGO... YOUVE GOT A LOT TO LEARN!From: Underground Blog Member Since: 12/3/08Posts: 12477 Suffering a knockout loss to Chris Weidman after doing a lot of clowning around in the cage, a lot of people pointed to Silva as having a lack of respect for his opponent which led to his loss. In interview yesterday with Brazil's Globo TV, Silve said that was not the case at all, citing his antics as 'part of the show':"If Muhammad Ali came up saying I wasn't humble, then I'd think if I was humble or not," he said in a Sunday interview on Brazil's Globo TV. "There was no lack of respect. I respect everybody. All the provocation, hands down... It should continue, it's part of the show""Nobody likes to lose," Silva said. "I train four months to win. But you end [up] learning with your mistakes, and I learned the worst way possible. After everything that happened, we calm down and I realized I had something to question, even question Anderson Silva. I lost to myself, and that's the worst loss. Losing by knockout shakes you, [it] will be in history, but will leave a lesson.""Everybody has to retire, but it's not my time yet," Silva said. "I'll get a rematch. Chris gave me this opportunity and we're fighting again. That's another chance to overcome, reinvent myself as a person and athlete."

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WHAT YOU WROTE:WHere did I say I doubted who you trained with? I am a big fans of Credeur and Edwards and I doubt they would back you up on this. Did you write this or your gay Siamese twin??? EXACTLY.. that's you doubting who I trained with... yep, youre still the idiot.. you don't even remember what you wrote.. the only drama began when I addressed all my points and YOU told me to pull my head out of andersons ass... I was pulling for Weidman first of all and I was here to discuss if silva was respectful or not.. so even though the fighter I wanted to win, won, I still defended the position of Anderson silva and his methods.. THE END!! another fail on your behalf.. youre not a good mind reader and you shouldn't watch the UFC, especially if youre feeling sorry for Forest griffin when he ran out of the ring... ive argued the point, youre just too stupid to remember what you've said and you CANT address the points ive made with past and current fighters... update me oh wise one..... what points have I not addressed?I believe ive addressed all of your retarded accusations and even put some money on the table.... all I see is you dodging the obvious... the fact that youre wrong about your assumptions.. if you want my opinions on this thread, go back and read.. you might learn something.getting a lil worked up sugar tits?? ;)

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OK. You are an idiot. Reading comprehension? WHere did I say I doubted who you trained with? you really are too stupid to even have fun arguing the point. your not even addressing the points being discussed any more. I am sure in your head you are making great points and really "pwning" me, LOL! Drama, drama, drama.. just what I would expect from someone with the screenname badboy.    

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lol emotional tirade??? prove anything??? what is there to prove other than the fact that I called you out for you doubting ive ever trained with yves and tim and you wont back your doubts with $.. so if youre gonna doubt me because youre so "sure" that I havent and you think your psychology 101 classes have helped you read minds, then why not win some money in the process to help pay for that waste of time class youre in?gotta love it... you doubt me, but you wont back up the call out.. typical around here... failed to support my ranting????? are you blind, cant read, or do you have alzheimers? I think you need to scroll back a few pages and RE-READ and also take notice to those who support my opinion!!! I didn't say you couldn't have an opinion.. I said YOU have no right to JUDGE what it takes to win a fight, especially at that level... DIFFERENCE:opinion--what you personally think about silvas anticsJudging what it takes to win--actually being in the cage, whats worked in the past, whats also worked against top rank contenders countless times, and whats worked by many other fighters in the past to establish crowd momentum, and to employ a strategy to get Weidman to move in and then counter.you'll never lose in most cases in your own opinions, so you can sleep well tonight..--however, when you go and think you can read into someone because of badboy shorts and a nickname from 15 years ago, which is probably about as old as your IQ(also 15) you've failed miserably..

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LOL whatever. No drama? Look at you in this thread. Your emotional tirade has not proven anything. For someone who thinks so little of opinions like mine you sure are awfully upset about it. Next thing you will want to meet up for an internet challenge (dont bother, LOL). And no there wont be any money at least not from me. why dont you just ask them. You can mischarachterize my position all you want but the truth is that with all your emotional ranting you have yet to support your position. Other than to pull the tired montra that if your not a fighter then you can not have an opinion. Obviously, thats not true In my opinion as an mma fan clowning an opponent does not make the fight fun - it makes it look like a wwe battle. ANd as far as respect that opponent being clowned put the hours in the gym too and that.. should be respected.

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7/15/13 2:31 AM by palfor03

People take the antics of a fighter fighting another fighter way too personally.

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Did shit just get real up in here?

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Church, karate tournaments and katas..... Yes for those offended for antics inside a cage fight and or boxing. Affliction and badboy not in your wardrobe... Who gives a shit? It's been in many wardrobes of posers & fighters and youre an idiot for thinking you can determine anything about anyone because of shorts that we're pretty much the only great shorts for mma at that time, which is the time I acquired the nickname. 1998 roughly.You doubt credeur and Edwards would back me up on this?? I'll tell u what ... Since you doubt it , why don't you quit runnin your mouth and put some money on it? start at $1000 & go up as high as u want.. As far as drama, If I wanted it, i wouldn't need clothing or a fkn screen name to get it... You failed psychology didn't you?My name has never brought drama in the 13+ years that I've been on here except from your punk ass. As far as what you respect, it doesn't matter.. You're not in the cage. You're not anderson silva, and you dont have to watch the fights...so do yourself a favor and don't watch any of the great fighters of the past and present who in your opinion have no art involved, who practiced these antics and those who took a chance making the fights fun for the fans and bringing some excitement to break up the monotony of countless hours in the gym doing the same thing over and over when they know the risks involved of using those tactics.