Leben granted therapeutic-use exemption for opioid


It is becoming more common for athletes to be granted a therapeutic-use expemption for testerone by athletic commissions, but at UFC 162 was the first known case of an exemption for a different drug, this time a prescription opioid for Chris Leben:

The Nevada State Athletic Commission issued no new therapeutic-use exemptions for testosterone replacement therapy at UFC 162 but did give UFC middleweight Chris Leben permission to use the prescription opioid medication Suboxone.

Leben (22-10 MMA, 12-9 UFC), who lost a split decision to Andrew Craig (9-1 MMA, 3-1 UFC) at this past Saturday's event, is the first fighter to receive an exemption for the drug, which typically is used as a replacement therapy for people with narcotic dependency.

NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer confirmed the news today with MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com). Leben was unreachable for comment.

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Sliva_Plated_Fedor site profile image  

7/10/13 4:20 PM by Sliva_Plated_Fedor

In patient treatment for 5-10 days is recommended if possible.Otherwise the tapering advice being given is on point.It's important to cut ties with the prescribing Doctor at some point as he is in effect your dealer. Getting kicked off the program so you can not legally get the stuff anymore is also powerful.

mm370 site profile image  

7/10/13 4:06 PM by mm370


ShriBorg site profile image  

7/10/13 12:25 AM by ShriBorg

But Mr. Bungle said it's not strong at all. How can that be?? That can't be right!Good Call! It is not a drug to be toyed with. Having no opiode tolerance you likely were not far from ODing. I don't recommend anyone take any opiate "just for fun", Let alone Suboxone. The slope is very slippery and very fast.

youhavetocallmenighthawk site profile image  

7/9/13 11:53 PM by youhavetocallmenighthawk

Maaaaaan suboxone ain't no joke. I took one once (have never been dependent on pills) just for fun and I was fucked up for 2, maybe even close to 3 days.Never again.

ShriBorg site profile image  

7/9/13 5:13 PM by ShriBorg

Thank you very much Ryan Black! Your support is so greatly appreciated. I take it you remember me reaching out to the OG in search of help?? I feel like a new man now!I also appreciate you having confirmed my statements and affirmations thoughout this thread. While there are many with knowledge to share, I hate arguing with people that that make unfounded assumptions and have opinions based on minimal experience and that refuse to further educate themselves even with guidance..if those that really don't know listen, they just might learn. I did SO MUCH research and reading and through personal experience I feel rather educated on this subject.Thanks again Ryan for sharing your experience and knowledge

Ryan Black site profile image  

7/9/13 4:29 PM by Ryan Black

ShriBorg- it brings me great happiness to read your story and to see how far you've come and the success you've achieved. You are a prime example of the exact type of person and the will it takes to beat addiction. I wish you all the best continued success! And, you are absolutely spot-on with everything you've said. So are many other posters here. Thank you all for all the positive comments and the vote-ups; they are much appreciated as always. All of us can learn a valuable lesson from those of you that have shared your stories here. I wake up every single day trying to be a better person than I was the day before... and I see nothing but positivity coming from so many different people here, which is a big reason why this forum holds such a valuable place in my heart. As I said before- my thoughts & prayers are with you all, and I wish you all nothing but the best. Keep fighting the good fight, and before you know it, the negativity of addiction will be a mere distant memory. Thanks again for reading, and I hope you all have a great week.

Vulva Fabulous site profile image  

7/9/13 4:03 PM by Vulva Fabulous

Best of luck Leben. I wish that people would have an open mind to this treatment.

ShriBorg site profile image  

7/9/13 3:58 PM by ShriBorg

Thanks Sultan and great post Ryan Black!I think we can deduce that Suboxone is a very potent analgesic narcotic that does have potential to be nothing more than a replacement for something else. Of course this is a better option than running to our dealers to pick up dilaudid, oxys, roxys, percs or vics, just to get our fix and not feel sick.It also has an amazing role and lifesaving potential, for someone with a true, deep desire, to rid themselves of what can essentially be a life sentence in opiate addiction. With one's conviction, and through the use of other tools and honest self analysis, a non drawn out taper with use of suboxone is a way to shift the unfavourable odds in one's favour. I wish Chris Leben and all others suffering with this debilitating addiction the best in their journeys to find the inner peace and, strength, and willingness to beat this. The tools are there, the strength and desire MUST come from within.I can say that once someone has accomplished this, you will fell better than ever. It will bring a new and amazing confidence and sense of self worth. For me, when moving from oxy to suboxone, it's like there was a layer of fog that lifted. Once tapering off the Subs and having ZERO opiates in my system, all of the fog was gone. Everything now has a new clarity. I once again have a sex drive. I can feel again. This seeming miracle feels amazing. I will NEVER go back. I share this absolutely not gloat, but to share with others the positivity that one can reclaim for yourself and all of the loved ones in your lives that are most certainly affected by this as well.I wish the best to all in their journeys of finding out who they really are again!

cheesesteak site profile image  

7/9/13 3:17 PM by cheesesteak

Excellent post. VTFU

cheesesteak site profile image  

7/9/13 3:16 PM by cheesesteak

I wish it were 10 days. Granted everyone is different but I've known people to feel like complete hot garbage for 3-6 months, not just a little dumpy but more like any bit of motivation or energy to live sucked right out of you. lethargy that you could not even possibly comprehend..